São Paulo Elites Criminally Place Social Costs of Venezuela’s Refugee Crisis upon Brazil’s Poorest & Disenfranchised

Maintaining the liberal bubble comes at the cost of those who hurt the most


The city of Pacaraima, in Roraima, has only 15 thousand inhabitants. It is not able to support 1,500 (or more) foreigners camped in the streets and squares. There are no conditions to maintain the security of the local population, which resents this whole situation because the police forces and public services give priority of service to foreigners in the face of the growing chaos in the region.

It is very trivial and easy for the enlightened “beautiful people” of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, from the top of their condos, in possession of their humanitarian and universalist pseudo-religious dogmas, to demand tolerance from the suffering population of Roraima. They are not there. This immigration wave could never threaten the gates of their condos. For these people it is common to “put others on the line”. The elite here, in the US or in Europe acts in the same way.

At that moment, from every hole, this enlightened and liberal left-liberal wisdom appears to teach the “barbarians”, “savages” (and other racist epithets) how they have to behave. It is the same neocolonial impetus that bled Asia and Africa in the past centuries. From horizontal colonization to vertical colonization.

Then all the most stupid ideas appear. The people who revolted against the massive Venezuelan presence in a small town are supposed to be “coxinhas”, “latifundistas”, “bolsonetes”, “neo-Nazis”, “insurgents”, etc. The videos show that it is basically an indigenous population or cabocla, very poor.

It’s not that this kind of thing is right. These things should not occur. But the responsibility for the event is not personal and restricted to the Brazilian citizens involved. The responsibility for what happened is, fundamentally, the Brazilian federal government.

The state government of Roraima calls for the border to be closed but enlightened and sapiential judges-priests (thousands of miles away) disallow it. The federal government, through the Armed Forces, organizes a refugee reception operation, but the services offered in a poor, needy city are preferentially directed at immigrants. Ill immigrants are having medical care with Brazilians.

Resentment is inevitable. Especially added to the crimes committed by immigrants. No, the brutally beaten merchant’s case was not unique. There have been numerous cases of robbery in Roraima, committed by immigrants. Aggressions abound. And not only in Pacaraima. In Mucajaí, also in Roraima, equally poor, citizens burned the goods and expelled the Venezuelans after the murder of an old man to beat.

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If immigration is not a national problem in Brazil, it is undoubtedly a local problem in various parts of the country. Small towns seem to be the government’s preference for housing immigrants and refugees, leading to an inevitable clash with local populations.

The beneficiaries and fosterers, of course, are the big business owners. They love the cheap and desperate labor that comes to Brazil and agrees to work for any crumbs. The rest of the population is always undermined by mass immigration, and the immigrant’s own situation is always precarious.

Thus, and against the storm of hatred that begins to be uttered, by the fake news media and by the liberal racist left, we are with the Brazilian compatriots of Roraima, in the rejection of mass immigration.

Brazilians first! This should always be the guideline of any national policy!


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