The annual International Military Technical Forum “Army-2018” opened today in the Russian Federation, at which the Russian military presented a new line of armored vehicles of the next generation type, on the basis of the Armata platform. The Armata platform has become a popular platform upon which the Russian Army is able to build a number of tanks and armored cars.

The shared platform concept is a time and resource saver, and allows Russia to mass produce military vehicles of different types, sharing a single chassis, with slight modifications. The event was marketed on Twitter with the hashtag #ForumArmy.

Visitors to the forum were able to see a very dangerous T-15 armored vehicle featuring a new combat module, a self-propelled artillery unit “Coalition-SV”, an armored personnel carrier “Boomerang”, BMP “Kurganets-25”, and SZAK 2C38 “Derivation-Air Defense”. Check out the photos below – click to enlarge. 

Thus, the BMK “Kurganets-25” is equipped with a combat module with a 30-mm automatic gun, a machine gun and four launchers of the PTRK “Kornet”. Its feature is that the module is remotely controlled. The self-propelled anti-aircraft-air defense system “Derivation-Air Defense” with a 57-mm combat module that’s designed to destroy cruise missiles, drones, aircraft and helicopters and is also remotely controlled, which allows saving the life of the crew of the combat vehicle.

“Judging by the exhibited samples and their declared characteristics, Russian engineers managed to bypass or even bypass two of their competitors,” the author of the material notes.

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Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry introduced newer latest weapons, announced in an important message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly.

Also, Russian military engineers began upgrading the Iskander operational and tactical missile system and soon the Russian army will have a new vertical takeoff aircraft that will be deployed on the next generation of aircraft carriers.


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