Space Force? Russia’s New MiG-35 To Roll out Ahead of Schedule


Russian aerospace forces will be able to receive the new MiG-35 jets ahead of schedule in an attempt by the manufacturer to keep pace and save money, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) president told the Vedomosti newspaper.

“As for the MiG-35, we are going to test the so-called early delivery model with the Ministry of Defense for the first time. This will allow us to keep pace and reduce aircraft manufacturing costs while the Ministry of Defense can receive the new aircraft a little earlier than the timeline for state defense applications,” Yury Slyusar was quoted as saying in a statement by the newspaper.

According to Slyusar, UAC plans to deliver six MiG-35 fighters to the Russian Ministry of Defense still in the first stage of the manufacturing counterpart. The first delivery will take place this year.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced last year that it hoped to start buying MiG-35 multi-function jets in the year 2018.

The UAC is a publicly traded company, however, most of its shares are owned by the Russian state. The Russian state-owned federal government management agency holds 92.3% of the shares, while the private sector holds 3.2% of the shares. Such data is available on the company’s website.

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Meanwhile in the US, the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin earned about $3 billion from the United States Department of Defense to build three space vehicles for the US Air Force.

“Lockheed Martin Space Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif., Received an undefined contract of $ 2,935,545,188 for three high-power persistent infrared orbiting air vehicles,” the statement said on Tuesday.

According to the Pentagon, the spacecraft will operate in geostationary orbits, some 35,000 kilometers above Earth.

Last Monday, after the signing by President Donald Trump of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, the Air Force announced the release of $ 480 million for Lockheed Martin to begin the one-second project hypersonic weapon prototype. By April, the company had already won a $930 million contract to develop the first prototype as part of Washington’s strategy to compete with Russia and China in the hypersonic arms industry. All of this comes on the heels of Donald Trump declaring plans to establish a “Space Force.”

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