Syrian ambassador: US Planning False Flag in Syria

"Syria never used, and will NOT use chemical weapons"


According to statements made by the Syrian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, the United States is likely planning to carry out a false flag attack in Syria, as a pretext for direct intervention. However, Syria got rid of its chemical arsenal in 2013, has never used and will not use chemical weapons, Syrian ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said on Sunday. Many states still possess chemical weapons arsenals, like the United States. This does not mean, in itself, that they are used. The US previously verified that Syria had gotten rid of chemical weapons a few years ago.

On Tuesday, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the 2013 East Ghouta chemical weapons attack, the United Kingdom, the United States and France issued a statement warning that “they will respond appropriately to any future use of chemical weapons by Syria.”

The statement also urged supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad to “use their influence to defend the global standard against the use of chemical weapons.” On Wednesday, US national security adviser John Bolton vowed to respond “very strongly” if the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

“Firstly, Syria got rid of the chemical arsenal in 2013. We never use and will not use chemical weapons,” said Haddad, commenting on the US statement.

Just a few days ago, FRN reported BREAKING NEWS, that Russia had warned the world that the US was planning a false flag or hoax, in order to have a pretext to attack Syria.

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The Syrian diplomat still called the deceptive statements that were resounding from the West as false.

“These statements will not go away, they have a pretext for everything – the use of chemical weapons, and as soon as our Army, thanks to the support of friendly countries, advances to free our lands, the West and the United States immediately want to intervene to attack Syria, in order to weaken Syria and prolong the war,” Haddad explained.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said militants in Syria were preparing a provocation to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons against civilians in Idlib province.

On Sunday, Konshenkov said the provocation was planned for the next two days at the settlement of Kafr Zita, with the help of English-speaking experts. The USS Sullivan, with 56 cruise missiles on board, and the US Air Force’s strategic B-1B bomber, with 24 cruise missiles, were both relocated closer to the region several days ago.

Konashenkov noted that unfounded statements by Western officials may be an indirect confirmation of the preparation of another act of aggression against Syria.

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