Syrian CHECKMATE: Americans will HAVE TO LEAVE, Idlib lockdown means Russia drives U.S to DEAD END

By Grigory Egorov


By Grigory Egorov – MOSCOW – The US will exert every effort to provoke the situation in Idlib, since the destruction of the last bulwark of terrorists will deprive them of their reason for being in Syria. This was stated by political scientist Igor Shatrov. According to the expert, the situation around Syrian Idlib, the last major concentration zone of militants opposing Damascus, means that the United States and its allies are really preparing a large-scale provocation.

The reason for this, the political scientist notes, is the risk for the US to finally lose control over what is happening in the SAR. “We need to understand why the probability of an aggravation of the conflict in Syria is greater than ever, because while Trump was engaged in the struggle with Russia or his establishment on other fronts, the situation in Syria has begun to come to normal. By and large, except Idlib, there are no more terrorists anywhere.

No, this is the biggest zone of their concentration, and now there is the possibility of the Syrian army and the Russian AeroSpace Forces to finally put an end to this hotbed,” Shatrov explained. “The situation is getting out of American control, and they don’t know what they will do when there is no real threat left in Syria. How will they then explain the existence of their illegally created military bases there? They will have to explain to the allies why they are there. But our bases and troops are there at the invitation of the Syrian authorities, which are officially recognized as a subject of international law and a member of the UN, and they did not invite any Americans there,” Igor Shatrov said on NTV.

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It is for this purpose, the expert emphasized, that the States and their allied Islamists are going to accuse the Russian Federation by provocations and thereby find for themselves some grounds for further presence in Syria. However, Moscow is breaking the game, exposing the preparation of a provocation with chemical weapons in Idlib at every stage. Earlier, the Russian Federation transmitted data on this to the OPCW leadership.

translated by Tom Winter

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