By Jonathan Azaziah


By Jonathan Azaziah – 

Our most benevolent thoughts and most heartfelt prayers are with Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad today. It’s been revealed by Syrian media that the Lioness of Damascus is contending with the first stage of breast cancer. A malignant tumor was discovered early and she’s now taking all measures to fight it off until she’s free of even the slightest trace of it.

Pictured with her husband, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, in a hospital room and hooked up to an IV line, the Sapphire of Sham is flashing her signature smile in all its radiance.

Undoubtedly in pain and discomfort and dealing with what very well could be the hardest hurdle she’s ever had to climb in her 42-year life, still she illuminates with the hope we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in her eyes for the last 7 years; still the knowledge that everything is going to be okay emanates from her alabaster-skinned face; still she maintains an aura of positivity because as arduous as the task is before her–one she must overcome for herself, her husband, her children and her nation–she knows that there are others across Syria who are facing the same and worse. It’s why we consider Asma the First Lady not merely of the Syrian state but the whole of the Arab-Islamic world.

Unlike the Saudi tyrants who seek medical treatment in America with protection from the US ZOG… Or the degenerate putchist Qaboos of Oman, who runs to doctors in Germany… Or the Qatari dictator who hopped nearly 10 planes to seek assistance in Switzerland… Or Nigeria’s “democratic” despot Muhammadu Buhari who sprints to the UK ZOG when he has a hiccup… the Heroine of Homs has not gone anywhere but her own backyard.

Just as she stayed with her people every single day since World Zionism began destabilizing Syria on March 15th, 2011, she is staying in Syria to battle her illness.

We are reminded of the revelation that she dropped when she was interviewed by Russia 24 two years ago that a foreign power offered her and her children asylum and financial security–presumably the UK where she was born and raised. She categorically rejected the subversive proposals then, stating bitingly, “It doesn’t take a genius to know what these people were really after. It was a deliberate attempt to shatter people’s confidence in their President.” Most certainly. And she’s sticking to her guns in the same defiant fashion today, remaining in Syria amidst a still-raging war though she’s not in the best of health. A patriot of patriots and a true Mouqawamist who puts all the aforementioned collaborators and their regional allies to the most terrible shame.

In the words of the Syrian First Lady herself, she said on Facebook this morning, “I belong to you, the people of Syria, who have taught the world the very meaning of steadfastness, strength and how to face difficulties. My determination comes from your determination and strength over the past several years.”

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Indeed, we hear the Lioness of Damascus roar! Through her intellect and wit, sharpness and resilience, grace and beauty, elegance and eloquence, she has empowered the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian citizenry to stand in the face of the most vicious 4th Generation Warfare campaign ever orchestrated… And prevail. Her kind smile and constant activism in various communities with children, the families of martyrs, disabled SAA soldiers, churches and mosques, are ever-present reminders that God Almighty is smiling upon Syria and will continue to smile upon it until the final triumph and beyond.

The Takfiri terrorism unleashed on Bilad al-Sham by the Zionists, NATO and the GCC did not break Asma al-Assad; nor her resistant husband; nor her children Zein, Karim and Hafez; nor her country. With only Idlib left on the map to clear of Wahhabi fanatics, Syria is victorious and right at the finish line. Asma’s fingerprints are all over these successes. And just as Syria’s defenders have secured the defeat of the fanatical, Empire-backed scourge on the battlefield, we have all the faith in the world that the lovely and luminous Lady Assad will defeat this cancer.

Her revolutionary work is far, far from over. Insha’ALLAH ya Rab. #LongLiveAsmaAlAssad #GetWellSoonLadyAssad #RuqyahForAsma #LongLiveSyria


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Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.

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