‘THE DONBASS COWBOY’, review of Texas Bentley’s paradigm setting must read book

The book is a tell-all, a primer, and a wake-up call for anyone still confused


Every once in a while comes a book which ultimately everyone will end up reading, and not only in that generation, but for several generations to come. Russel ‘Texas’ Bentley’s first book, the just released The Donbass Cowboy, A War Journal is a highly recommended read, and Fort Russ News gives it its highest possible rating 5/5 stars.

We’re going to come right out and make the comparison blunt – this is Homage to Catalonia for what we’ve lived so far in the 21st century. We’re also going to have to say some things clearly at the risk of offending a few people: History is not over. The major battles have not all been fought. There is a global war happening right now, and those living in their little 1st world identity politics bubbles are entirely unprepared to understand the present situation. In order to understand this situation better, one had better read The Donbass Cowboy, A War Journal.

The world is at war. Eventually many readers of FRN will find themselves volunteers or conscripted in the ongoing conflicts already raging. That makes this text required reading, and someday the author of The Donbass Cowboy may just be the commander of a volunteer unit of a war coming soon to you.

Things are going to get worse before they get better. And that’s why people had better read the reflections, words, and wisdom of a man who has been at the front-line of some the biggest and bloodiest battles in the Ukrainian conflict. Bentley not only served valiantly in the Essence of Time brigade to defend the people of Donbass from Ukropian aggression, but during lulls in fighting, engaged in humanitarian work – distributing desperately needed food, clothes, and medical supplies to the suffering men, women, and children of the Donbass.

In fact, all of the proceeds of his book, which you can purchase by clicking the obvious image at the foot of this review, or on this red line, it will take you to the Donbass Humanitarian Aid NGO.

There you will see the paypal option on the right hand side.

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This is the NGO established that supports work on numerous fronts. Not that it should matter too much, but it’s also a 501-c3 and your contributions are tax deductible. That’s why we encourage folks to step up a little more than the floor price of $10 for an e-copy, and you can write it off.

There’s a trend in writing on the present wars, that we find mostly by western mercenary scumbags whose main intent seems to be making ridiculous kill count claims, glorifying war and combat, covering up the crimes against humanity they have committed, and creating some absolutely disgusting apologetics for empire and the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. These books absolutely mislead audiences, and serve no purpose but to keep us warm around the campfire. They are basically written for 13 year old boys, or adult men who fall in that range of wisdom, and are de facto US army/marine corps recruitment propaganda pulp.

The Donbass Cowboy is therefore a paradigm shifting war journal, in its rawness, honesty, vulnerability, and contains only accurate and compelling descriptions of the real situations, as the proverbial shit hit the fan. And this book was almost never released, the pressure upon the author came even from some very corrupt elements within the Russian media-intelligence sphere, who did not want this book to be released. The controversy and hype around this genuine tell-all itself, makes it one hell of a compelling read.

But anyone who wants to know the real truth about what your future role as a volunteer in a combat unit is going to entail, had better read this book. The Donbass Cowboy almost never saw the light of day. But now you can read it.

While the book was being written, hit pieces also came from US based Atlanticist rags, whom we won’t mention or send traffic to. But searching around for the very curious, will reveal the sort of defamation that Bentley, the soldier and revolutionary, has been subjected to.

The Donbass Cowboy is intelligently written in plain English, and isn’t short of the wit, irony, and the bluntness that Texas Bentley is known for in his popular essays already available around the web, and featured on his own site and FRN. There’s just tons inside this book that never made into English language press, not even on FRN, and you’ll certainly almost never find in official Russian media-intelligence publications. If you realize that you have an obligation to inform yourself of this conflict from the perspective of an American who served in it, then make no haste and click on the image directly below.



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