by Jonathan Azaziah


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by Jonathan Azaziah – We’re having Anti-Parasitic alphabet soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. PNAC. FPI. FDD. Know what they all actually spell? ‘Israel’! The Project for a New American Century was the nexus for all the Jewish-Zionist operatives within the American regime that plotted 9/11. Consider it Phase 1.0, with the targeting of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the inauguration of the utterly fraudulent, entirely Judaic GWOT (Global War On Terror).

The Foreign Policy Initiative was 2.0, spearheading the Zio-NATO destabilizations of Syria and Libya. William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Dan Senor, Eric Edelman and Paul Wolfowitz led the way. And the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, headed by Mark Dubowitz with a gaggle of warmongers at his disposal, is 3.0. Their target is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It isn’t a secret that the American-Canadian-South-African-‘Israeli’ Jew Dubowitz is a Zionist extremist and a fanatical Iranophobe who wants the Islamic Revolution liquidated almost as much as he wants to continue breathing. Even the Sulzberger family’s New York Times ran a piece called “He Was a Tireless Critic of the Iran Deal. Now He Insists He Wanted to Save It.” documenting that the FDD started out with the Hebrew name “Emet” before rebranding and is closely linked with Likudniks in the usurping Zionist entity.

Dubowitz and his psychopathic, regime-change-obsessed pals testified before Congress an unprecedented and insane 17 times during 18 months of congressional debate to kill the JCPOA before it even began. Then, in typical and chameleonic Jewish fashion, he pretended that his role was minute and anyone suggesting otherwise was a “conspiracist” and… OF COURSE… an “anti-Semite”.

Mind you, Dubowitz wasn’t opposed to the ultimate purpose of the JCPOA from the Western side — i.e. infiltrating and subverting the Iranian state — he just hated the idea of having to wait to burn those damned “Amalekites” to the ground in a slow roast. He wanted a full-on, modern-day-Purim barbecue, starting with the snapback of the sanctions regime with a little more juice (get it? Juice?!) to boost the Iranian people’s suffering. Marky the Maggot is a world-renowned sanctions “expert”, you know.

So he obviously knows what methods are best to make those pesky Persians submit to Global Zionism. Right?! PLEASE. Only in a world as Judaized as this one can a human being — at least an ostensible human being, I think the jury’s out on whether or not this horrible individual is of partial or whole demonic origin — advocate for an economic war that will lead to the besiegement, starvation and wanton pain of a nation of 80 million souls and the thrashing of one of Earth’s oldest civilizations… And be granted recognition and prestige for being an “expert”.

Also in quintessential and Talmudic fashion by the way was the NYT, which despite putting forth a seemingly solid bashing of Dubowitz — albeit from a Zio-Imperialist perspective — it still praised him for being “widely seen as understanding the multifarious mechanics of sanctions, a rare feat.” A sly way of keeping it all in the “chosenite” family and cosigning what Dubowitz and the FDD are doing amid a smokescreen of “criticism”.

What wasn’t in the the United Snakes of IsraHELL’s “paper of record” though… And what very few know (as it was only revealed — although just in passing — in a fawning, vomit-inducing Ynet profile called “The man who fights Iran”)… Is that Dubowitz studied in occupied Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, a hotbed of ‘Israeli’ intelligence activity.

After completing his stint on stolen land in Al-Quds, he then returned to Toronto where he worked for 8 years as a lawyer and a venture capitalist focused on start-ups. This is a strong indication that whilst at Hebrew University, Dubowitz was recruited into the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s mega-clandestine Talpiot program.

Talpions (graduates of Talpiot) are sent all over the world with start-ups or venture capital firms of their own and given the task of aggressively pursuing for-profit absorption by major Gentile-owned tech firms — as Jewish-owned companies like the Page-Brin Google behemoth, Zuckerscum’s Facebook and Marc Benioff’s Salesforce are already very much a part of Imperium Judaica — then establishing a backdoor within that corporation so ‘Israel’ can upload every little dirty secret to its vast, globe-covering surveillance framework.

If they aren’t in ownership positions, Talpions can also be inserted into Gentile-owned companies, using their extensive computer expertise as the perfect cover, and set out to achieve the same directive. Another function of Talpiot and its counterpart Unit 8200 is cyber sabotage. Which means, Dubowitz–considering how ingratiated he is with policy wonks and military officials in Washington that consult with him on sanctions–isn’t just a propagandist.

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Apart from being an architect of the monstrous economic measures that will hurt Iranians in a plethora of ways, he’s a potential Talpion working hand-in-globe with the evillest apparatuses of the US ZOG and ‘Israel’ to possibly stage digital attacks on key points of Iran’s infrastructure. Dubowitz the “expert”? No. Dubowitz the Devil.

Now while Marky the Miscreant is no doubt the face of the FDD, the rest of the gang are equally Dajjalic. His partner and co-founder, the FDD President, Clifford May, is a torture enthusiast, pioneer of neocon “journalism”, harasser of Valerie Plame, former Vice Chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, an International Patron of the Henry Jackson Society, PNAC signatory and all-around tribalist-supremacist maniac. The “Leadership Council” consists of ex-chief of the CIA and the NSA Michael Hayden, Jewish supremacist terrorist Joseph Lieberman and top Shabbos Goy George P. Shultz, a recipient of the Theodor Herzl Award from the World Jewish Congress.

The first Senior VP is Toby Dershowitz, a vociferously anti-Iranian Jewess who specializes in spreading hasbara about Iran’s “reach” in Latin America. The other Senior VP is Jonathan Schanzer, a protege of vile Islamophobic bigwig Daniel Pipes and a former stalwart of AIPAC’s WINEP operation. “Regular” VP Lawrence Muscant is an ‘Israeli’ Foreign Ministry operative who previously worked for Jewish billionaire Seth Klarman’s David Project. The Board of Advisors is a who’s who of Zio-Imperialist gangsters, most notably Trilateral Commission trustee and NED Vice Chair Paul Dobriansky, thief of Iraqi money and whitewasher of Mossad’s attack on the USS Cole Juan Zarate, sanctions czar Adam Szubin’s right-hand man Daniel Glaser and notorious anti-Hizbullah deceiver Matthew Levitt. And then there is the cash. Indeed, follow the trail of money… Go, go! And in mere seconds, you’ll find Shlomo!

Zion’s gargantuan guns are pumping all kinds of dough into the FDD. Sitting at the peak are Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus, who has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the ‘Israeli’ Democratic Institute (IDI), what the Jewish Virtual Library calls “the sole consulting think tank for the ‘Israeli’ army”, as well as AIPAC, JINSA, MEMRI, the ZOA, CUFI, AEI and more; neo-capitalist hedge fund vulture Paul Singer, who broke the back of the pro-Palestinian, counter-hegemonic, pro-Iranian Kirchner government in Argentina and who bankrolls JINSA, MEMRI, the CSP and anti-Tehran candidates in the House and the Senate; and casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson.

This dual-citizen lunatic called for an atomic bomb to be dropped on Iran and said that he wished he fought for the ‘Israeli’ terrorist army instead of the US military. Need we say more? These three Jewish-Zionist oligarchs were the pokers and prodders behind the Trump regime’s decision to abandon the JCPOA and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Zio-Tumor in what should rightfully be treated as a second (and arguably more criminal) Balfour Declaration.

Rounding out the rest of the cheese-givers is the foundation of Newton Becker, who dropped countless dollars on MEMRI, CAMERA, StandWithUs, the ZOA and the Simon Wiesenthal Center before dying and going to Jahannam; US Health Care founder Leonard Abramson, who is among the most prominent financiers of Birthright and an investor in the artificial Jewish regime’s Bank Hapoalim; and low creature on the totem poll but still needing of mention, the “Christian” Zionist Sarah Scaife Foundation. That such globeholders would infuse such capital in such an organization shows just how important to Organized Jewish Interests and its future plans the FDD really is.

Dubowitz’s outfit is a hawkish neocon think tank for certain, but like PNAC and the FPI before it, the FDD is much, much more than that. And damn dangerous. Additionally, it’s an unregistered foreign agent of ‘Israel’–one that seeks the total destruction of a sovereign nation (Iran) that never attacked the US and is on the forefront of fighting oppression and terrorism from one end of the planet to the other. An American-Iranian war will be the end of the US, as IRGC Quds Force Commander Hajj Qassem Suleimani recently warned.

That too is for certain. Understanding what the FDD is, who runs it, who heads it, who staffs it, who funds it and how it’s related to other tentacles of International Jewry like the aforementioned Talpiot and Unit 8200 along with the Mossad, will help avoid a calamity that will shake the world so bad that the shaking just might not ever stop. Iran, America’s poor and working class citizens and truly, Gentiledom at large have been through enough because of this serpentine entity called Zion.

We don’t need another war in the name of the “chosenoid” usurpers’ defeated “Eretz Yisrael” pipe dream. We don’t anymore blood spilled. So death to the FDD. And to the darkest, dankest, most disgusting dungeons fathomable with Dubowitz and every last one of his bloodthirsty coworkers who care not for anyone but their own parasitic hive.

* Views expressed by Guest Authors are their own, and are not reflective of FRN or its editorial team. FRN publishes these for research and educational purposes only. The text is presented for these reasons alone, and absolutely not for purposes related to promoting any of the views expressed herein *

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