THE LOGIC OF GENOCIDE: Likud proposes ban on Palestinian Flag


FRN is looking closely at yet another problematic, but not surprising development in the Zionist regime. The Likud Party, has drafted a new bill in the Knesset banning the raising of “enemy flags”. These no doubt, and perhaps understandably, will involve Hezbollah flags, or flags of the Iranian Islamic Republic. But these are particularly being targeted at the ‘Palestinian flag’. 

There are a few things to consider here, but western audiences ought to take note of the use of this language ‘enemy’, and how it also relates to their own domestic affairs. For example, the Democrat Party feigned ‘outrage’ over Trump’s campaign team or administration somehow being complicit in ‘treason’ because Russia is an ‘enemy’, again involves this critically erroneous, extra-legal concept of ‘enemy’.

An ‘enemy’ has never meant, some foreign entity or nation that some portion of the domestic population deems ‘problematic’.

This mirrors the dystopic slip-and-slide that was introduced with the phrase ‘enemy combatant’. 

We’d propose the following long standing, and internationally recognized conception of ‘enemy’: If you haven’t declared war on a country, you are not enemies. Annoying neighbors, competitors, those with strained relations, all good, and perfectly descriptive. But ‘enemy’? This is hyperbole, doubly reified. 

Of course, Israel cannot ‘declare war’ on Palestine, for several reasons. One, they are ‘occupying’ Palestine – there isn’t a ‘Palestinian state’, the Palestinian flag is not a ‘state flag’ as much as it is a people’s flag. Second, isn’t it the Likud Party that says that ‘for time immemorial’ there has ‘never been’ a Palestine? Aren’t they simply ‘Trans-Jordanians’? Then, shouldn’t their own proposed bill, be one against ‘fictional flags of fictional people who live under our brutal occupation?’

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And speaking of brutal occupation, where will this law hold water? We imagine that regardless of what is proposed, it will be the law of the land in all of occupied Palestine – all of it. But even without laws, hasn’t this been the law, all along? What crimes have really been committed by Palestinian youth – those not throwing rocks, for which they are summarily executed. Hasn’t that crime simply been ‘existing’, waving a flag, protesting with chants at the occupiers army and settlers?

At any rate, brass tacks: the Israeli Likud Party MP, Anat Berko, has indeed, nevertheless proposed a bill this past Wednesday, which will make it illegal to raise the Palestinian flag. The bill specifically targets those who raise “enemy flags” in a form of protest against the state, but here’s the catch. We aren’t aware of the ‘housing crisis mad’ middle-class Tel-Aviv denizens ever raising Palestinian flags in their own budget/housing related protests. These are absolutely targeted at Palestinians.

This bill, may indeed pass, and why not? They Knesset recently passed a bill even far worse than this one, that only Jews in Israel have a right to self-determination as people. It’s only an afterthought that the flags of other non-recognized people, and their non-flag, be banned. Because it is extremely important to ban non-people and non-entities.

Ridiculously, according to the proposed bill, those caught in the act of raising a Palestinian flag in Israel (Palestine), will be forced to face a one year prison sentence. But in fact, a year in prison will be preferable to what will really happen – rubber bullets aimed at eye-sockets, children run over by police trucks, and the continued street-executions of ‘Arab Israelis’ or Palestinians in East Jerusalem randomly gunned down, because someone heard a rumor that someone whispered that an old Palestinian woman was carrying a kitchen knife in her purse. This is just the logic of genocide.


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