by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – 

*Views expressed by Guest Authors are their own, FRN publishes these for research and educational purposes.*

Now ten years on, the Russo-Georgian War that began on this day in 2008 is one of the most lopsided but nevertheless important geopolitical events of the last 20 years. And all fingers point to the usurping Zionist entity as being the prime mover and shaker behind the bloodshed–despite such an awful few analysts and commentators digging deep enough to find the evidence.

Before tackling the battle itself however, a note needs to be made about just how the ground became fertile for conflict and it can be done in three words: The Rose Revolution. A destabilization operation bankrolled and pushed through by George Soros through his Open Society Foundation, Peter Ackerman through CANVAS, Peter Lewis, a frequent coreligionist partner of the first two regime-change-obsessed Zionists, USAID, the NDI, the NED and bloodthirsty Iraq Genocide architect Paul Wolfowitz.

Mikheil Saakashvili, a pro-NATO, anti-Russian chauvinist, was installed as the replacement for Eduard Shevardnadze–who was also an Atlanticist for the record, one which put Georgia on its current Washington-Brussels-aligned path and aided the Zionist-Saudi-US-Takfiri destabilization of Chechnya, but just not as servile as the Zio-US Empire wanted.

The chief lobbyist for Georgia post-Rose Revolution was mega-hawk Randy Scheunemann, a man bathing in Iraqi blood and a signatory of the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document of neocon nest PNAC–which just so happened to be embedded THICK in the NED. Scheunemann of course would go on to be the chief foreign policy advisor for warmongering, Russophobic Zio-Republican presidential candidate John McCain. All while he continued to be a registered foreign agent for Georgia. The PNAC stalwart would serve as the go-between for his friend Saakashvili and McCain, who barked mad against Russia during the August ’08 war and famously declared on day one that “Today we are all Georgians”–a statement Scheunemann himself encouraged him to spew.

Filling up McCain’s anti-Russian rhetorical flank were genocidal Jewish maniacs Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Alright, who declared that Russia’s “behavior” just wasn’t “acceptable”. Rumors remain abound that due to the Scheunemann-Saakashvili connection, the whole affair was launched to boost McCain in Empire Judaicia’s eyes and sway it away from picking Obama as the next puppet-in-chief–a plan backfired if there ever was one. Keep all this at the front of your mind because now the stage is set.

Contrary to the never-to-be-questioned hegemonic narrative of the International Zionist Imperium, Russia did NOT invade South Ossetia on August 8th, 2008. Rather, what took place was an OVERT Georgian aggression against Russian civilians.

Barely three months after the war, Saakashvili himself admitted that his Zio-NATO marionette regime started the conflict and his former ambassador to Russia, Erossi Kitsmarishvili, revealed that the plan to wage war on South Ossetia was actually in the making for years and it was Saakashvili who was personally responsible for moving forward. Saakashvili’s terrorists, masquerading as a national army, slaughtered more than 2,000 ethnically-Russian South Ossetian innocents, assassinated at least 10 Russian peacekeepers, leveled the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali to the ground, drove 35,000 of South Ossetia’s 82,000 citizens into North Ossetia and executed shelling operations on civilian apartment complexes and homes during all five days of the war.

Russia, which didn’t intervene militarily after the 2006 referendum in which a whopping 99% of South Ossetians voted to join a union of North Ossetia and the Russian Federation but then had those results (and their rights) rejected by Georgia, could not stand not idly by this time after an open aggression. So Moscow intervened to not only save its peacekeeping forces but its ethnic, linguistic and historical brethren. And after about 120 hours of fighting, the Russian Armed Forces were victorious. Which brings us to the “chosenite” muck.

Just three days before the war, ‘Israel’ had deceptively announced that it halted arms sales to Georgia and that the orders for 70 million rifle cartridges, Merkava tanks, APCs, helicopters, UAVs, fire control systems and night-vision devices wouldn’t find their way to Tbilisi. This however was a smokescreen. For these weapons, as well as antiaircraft systems, automatic turrets for armored vehicles and tactical missile systems, were already in the hands of Georgian soldiers. On top of that, advisers from Shin Bet and the ‘Israeli’ occupation army were already very much embedded with them. Since the days of Eduard Shevardnadze, ‘Israel’ had been using Georgia as a dumping ground for its military exports to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in total.

But under Saakashvili, the defense equipment sales ballooned to $200 million annually, making ‘Israel’ Georgia’s third largest arms supplier after the US and French ZOGs. Rocket launchers used by the Georgian military to impose a regime of terror on the people of Tskhinvali on the opening day of the war were reequipped in the usurping Zionist entity.

On-the-ground strategies for the South Ossetia war were orchestrated by Major General Israel Ziv and Brigadier General Gal Hirsch, Zionist war criminals with the blood of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese on their hands. The two ‘Israeli’ generals were in fact running the very headquarters from which Georgia was prosecuting this war.

In other words, Georgian forces were answering to Hirsch and Ziv. It shouldn’t come as a shock. Starting in December 2007 onward, Hirsch’s Defensive Shield private security company and Ziv’s Global CST–linked to atrocities all over Latin America and Africa–have been training Georgian forces in everything from house-to-house combat to reconnaissance to extrajudicial assassinations. Hirsh and Ziv also brought in the ‘Israeli’ police to oversee exercises in how to suppress popular dissent in case of another referendum in South Ossetia or Abkhazia.

Elbit and Rafael, the artificial Jewish regime’s two major weapons manufacturers, were present in most training sessions as well. They were brought into the ‘Israeli’-Georgian alliance by Roni Milo, former mayor of “Tel Aviv”, and his brother Shlomo, an ‘Israeli’ occupation Air Force pilot and CEO of ‘Israel’ Military Industries. These two Judaic colonizers were central in loading up Tbilisi to the teeth with drones. Moreover, at the request of Ziv and Hirsh, who already had dozens upon dozens of ‘Israeli’ commandos under their direct orders, Mossad, IOF, Aman and Shin Bet provided logistical and intelligence assistance to Georgia’s troops.

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It’s hard to call the Georgian regime a “ZOG” because the ‘Israeli’ penetration during the time of the Russian-Georgian War was so out in the open and unapologetic that referring to it as such would simply be redundant. State Minister for Reintegration and later Georgian Ambassador to the US Temur Iakobashvili, a Hebrew-speaking Jew from Tbilisi with many familial links to the Zio-Tumor, told ‘Israeli’ Army Radio that “‘Israel’ should be proud of its military which trained Georgian soldiers.”

Furthermore, he made the laughable claim to Haaretz that “a small group of Georgian soldiers were able to wipe out an entire Russian military division, thanks to the ‘Israeli’ training.” A bombastic crock of hasbara for sure but the point is, ‘Israeli’-Georgian collaboration, despite all the lies told to Moscow by “Tel Aviv”, was as intimate as intimate could be. More importantly, the Georgian Defense Minister at the time was Davit Kezerashvili, a Hebrew-speaking ‘Israeli’ Jew who once lived in the settlement of “Holon” in ’48 Palestine. It was Kezerashvili who essentially subcontracted the whole of the Georgian military-intelligence apparatus to the illegitimate Halakhic-Talmudic “state”.

Moving back across the Atlantic to the American regime, the usurping Zionist entity’s top Shabbos Goy lieutenant Dick Cheney — a bought-and-paid-for slave of Jewish billionaire hedge fund manager Bruce Kovner, the major financial muscle behind AEI — and PNAC’s token “Muslim” Zalmay Khalilzad were like broken records calling for Russia to be punished. And then there’s Robert Kagan. Co-founder of PNAC, one of the vilest NeoCohens around and a homicidal psychopath awash in Arab, Nicaraguan and African-American blood, Kagan was lashing out like a wounded animal in defense of ‘Israel’s’ Georgian client… Appearing on multiple broadcasts and writing in the Sacramento Bee against “big, bad, brazen, bold, boogeyman” Putin.

This cornucopia of hasbara, intel, logistics, weapons, media coverage and political support wasn’t enough however. Russia smashed the ‘Israeli’-trained Georgians in a precise and professional beatdown. Saakashvili was crushed. McCain and the neocon cabal running him were humiliated. And the illegal Judaic regime’s hope — and really, the strategic aim of this entire episode — to rehabilitate its military image after being exposed as weaker than a spider’s web by Hizbullah in ’00, ’06 and ’08 (in the prisoner exchange that freed Samir Quntar [R.A.] and Nissim Nisr) was completely shattered. Thus, on the psychological, international, military, intelligence and media levels… ‘Israel’ was defeated. By Orthodox Christian Russia. In epic fashion.

With all the proofs contained herein, it should be lucid for all whose eyes work in at least a limited capacity that from Washington to “Tel Aviv”, Global Jewry and its criminal, cancerous outpost known as ‘Israel’–which used Georgia as nothing more than a proxy–were responsible for the murder, wounding and displacement of tens of thousands of South Ossetians from August 8th-12th, 2008.

This casts the Russian-‘Israeli’ relationship in a whole new light. Yes, there are varying degrees of ties between the Bear and the Shaytanic Serpent–all of which, while understood from the pragmatic perspective of realpolitik as well as the complex historical relationship between Russian Christendom and Russian Jewry, are obviously disgusting. Not to mention Putin’s tolerance of Chabad Lubavitch, the most powerful, influential and extreme sect of Judaism in the world–also nauseating, though many Russian military-intelligence analysts and Islamic thinkers who promote a Muslim-Christian alliance against Zionism like Sheikh Imran Hosein and Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.) have suggested that this is a maneuver of “keeping your friends close and your enemies closer”.

And yes, it’s quite clear that the Russian Federation unfortunately does not see the world through the same Anti-Zionist lens as the Resistance Axis.

But the Russian-Georgian War, which would be more accurately described as the Russian-‘Israeli’ War; as well as the destabilization of Ukraine–which was just another subversive dig at Russia–that saw a Jewish-Zionist network toppling the government in Kiev and starting an exterminationist war against the Russian and Russian-speaking people of the Donbass; along with NATO expansionism right up to Russia’s borders promoted by the same neocons who organized war on South Ossetia; the disproportionate number of Zionist Jews promoting the “Russiagate” propaganda lunacy to distract from decades of Israelgate; Moscow banning all foreign rabbis as national security threats; and of course, Russia’s intervention in Syria that helped an already-winning counterattack thanks to Hizbullah, Iran and the Iraqi Islamic Mouqawamah move on to the final phase and kill the Zionist regime-change scheme against Damascus dead… All show that Russia and ‘Israel’ are by no means friends.

No doubt that the Eurasianists and Russian nationalists are well aware of this truth. It’s the Atlanticists and the Jewish-Zionist oligarchs who have risen once again who seek to deny it and erase such nuances so Russia becomes an ‘Israeli’-American puppet state like it was under the drunkard Yeltsin. Which is why we will reiterate: The 2008 Russo-Georgian War was actually a Russian-‘Israeli’ war. And Russia and the usurping Jewish entity are the polar opposite of “comrades”.

Before another like-similar and even bloodier conflict breaks out, Putin must stop walking upon a tightrope, take a page out of Stalin’s playbook after the Doctor’s Plot and break the back of the cabal. Russia’s very future and maybe even the fate of the world itself depend on it.


Views expressed by Guest Authors are their own, FRN publishes these for research and educational purposes.


Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.


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