The Sea of ​​Azov & Odessa will fall to Russia – UK Colonel


KIEV – Yesterday on live Ukrainian TV, some compelling and by all accounts well reasoned opinions were given to the public by a military expert from Great Britain, retired colonel Glen Grant, assessing the critical situation of the military and political crisis in Ukraine and in the Azov Sea. He gave this a 70-80% chance of likelihood that first the Sea of Azov, and then Odessa would, in the not too distant future, fall to Russia. 

His general warning was that if Ukraine does not take unambiguous steps to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, the situation in the southern part of the country will continue to deteriorate and the Sea of ​​Azov will become Russian. Sovereignty is a difficult question to raise in today’s Ukraine, with its government hand-picked by US officials, mainly from the Obama administration, and representing the most firmly entrenched elements of the Deep State.

The British colonel gave considerable warnings, and worries about the future of Mariupol.

“The city is simply deprived of trade. Russia stops ships that go to Mariupol, (and) businessmen will do something else.”

According to the retired colonel, no one wants to lose money and time after all. It is not a matter of allegiances, it is pure practicality. They simply change the scope of their activities, and reroute their business and dealings elsewhere.

Retired colonel Glen Grant

This is the tactic of Russians, according to Glen Grant – it is in fact to suppress any attempts at trade, to turn that part of the Azov Sea into Russia. This is already effectively the case, a FRN has reported previously. According to the British expert;

And, in fact, it really will be so, if Ukraine does not begin to take any measures. The Sea of ​​Azov will simply become Russian, and hence, the space between the Sea of ​​Azov and the Crimea,

After that the next object of “blockade and further capture” Grant sees “the territory from Crimea to Romania”. FRN reminds readers that the Russian federation has a non-contiguous part, Transnistria. This is a strategic position, a ‘placeholder’ that can ultimately serve as the end of the march, the land in between ultimately becoming part of an expanding Russia. The British colonel stressed;

“The game will begin, during which they will try to block access to Odessa … Obviously, this will be the next step of the Russians,”

He noted that even though American warships are in the Odessa area during exercises or during planned routes, they will not go to open fire on Russians. Given the delicate situation in the relationship between the US and Turkey, there is even a further risk that the US can lose all direct sea access to the Black Sea by way of the Bosphorous strait.


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