Russia BEFORE and AFTER the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution


Have been reading lots of random YouTube and Twitter discussions lately. Got inspired to start a series of posts where I would be giving you only the TRUE historic FACTS and FIGURES.

Let’s start today with one of the most sensitive topics – Russia BEFORE and AFTER the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, just to set things straight and put an end to all those stupid debates once and for all.

These are only the TRUE FACTS AND FIGURES! [Parody Alert!]

Okay, so…


– Economy was growing in geometric progression, with GDP doubling every 5 years.

– Ranked World’s number 2 by industrial potential, being only slightly behind the combined North American and Western European conglomerate before 1914.

– Thanks to genius Stolypin reforms, people were producing so much wheat they couldn’t even eat it all, so they had to feed it to farm animals, boosting meat industry, and then sell the rest to foreign countries, making more money by exporting bread than Saudi Arabia makes nowadays by selling oil.

– Ordinary peasants were so rich and free (straight after abolition of serfdom in 1861) each family could afford to buy a large piece of farm land, build a familial mansion and hire a private tutor for their kids, hence increasing the national literacy rate up to 100.56% (+/-1.6%).

– Average life expectancy was close to 88 years (for men… women were expected to live to over 96).

– Russia had the most potent military-industrial complex in the World, producing 10 569 Ilya Muromets bombers in 1914 alone.

– At the beginning of the 20th century, all Russian army was equipped with technologies decades ahead of everyone, while also objectively having the highest discipline, morale and fighting spirit among all European armies before the WWI.

– Orthodox Christianity was protecting Mother Russia from satanic atheism and evil Zionism, and was following the truly Christian principles of helping the poor, and upholding the 100% more Russian than Russian Romanov Dynasty.


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– Everyone’s living (dying) in poverty because communists took away everything from everyone.

– 60 million kulaks (“kulaks” as in Russian word for “fists”; they were called like that because they were the most hard-working people in the field, obviously) sent to slavery in Siberia for no reason (55 million ended up executed).

– Bolsheviks orchestrating genocidal famines that killed over 586.56 million Russians and Ukrainians in Donbass.

– State-funded education reduced to primitive Marxist propaganda, teaching men just enough literacy skills to read propaganda posters and training them just enough numerical skills to count bullets they needed to carry on the orders and execute people.

– Traditional families banned as an old patriarchal institute, with husbands forced to share their wives with others.

– No economic growth, no development, no happiness, no anything; everyone’s mass-killing, mass-pillaging, and mass raping everyone; everything’s bad and degrading.

– Zero life expectancy, because everyone’s parents were being executed in Siberian death camps even before they were conceived; hundreds of millions of unborn babies sent Soviet population growth into negative figures.

– Stalin, who (just like all the other Bolsheviks, who, as we all know, originally overthrew the Tsar) was financed by the Jews from the Wall Street, personally tortured and murdered over 150 000 people (before he seized the leading post in the Soviet Union).

– Red Army was so poorly equipped one rifle had to be shared between 30 soldiers on a battlefield (they were only managing to defeat their opponents because they were zerg-rushing their enemies; the Nazi-Soviet loss ratio in the WWII was close to 1:900).

– Half of the country’s population was rotting away in GULAGs while the other half was guarding those GULAGs.

One super-woke Austrian-German painter tried to liberate poor Russian people from the evil Zio-Bolshevik oppression in the early 1940s, but he got severely misunderstood, so, typically for any overly sensitive artistic person, he ended up putting a bullet in his head.

Oh! And you’re a victim of Hasbara and uninformed Marxist propaganda if you don’t believe in these.


I need to drink some water now.

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