Turkey intends to cooperate with other states, including Russia, on the process against the United States in the World Trade Organization (WTO). This was reported in the Ministry of Trade of Turkey.

“In the near future, we will establish cooperation with exporting countries, which also conduct processes against the United States in the WTO ( such as China, Canada, Russia, India, Mexico and the EU countries), we will continue to work to protect our rights,” reads the headline on Turkish Radio and Television (TRT).

Earlier it was reported that Turkey initiated a dispute in the WTO to appeal additional American duties on steel and aluminum.

In late June, Russia filed a lawsuit in the WTO on US duties on steel and aluminum. Similar claims were also initiated by China, the European Union, India, Canada, Mexico and Norway. Turkey has now officially joined Russia and the block of 6+. 

This new ordering of alliances has been in process for some time. Still unresolved is Turkey’s occupation of part of Syria, which has a considerable ‘Turkmen’ population, some of whom were part of Anti-Syrian terrorist groups, backed by Turkey. Nevertheless, these events move forward today as Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to turn his back on the US, as the US saw fit to unseat him in a coup two years ago.

The Turkish leader has referred to the Russian president as his “friend” and has for two years now, called for increased cooperation between Ankara and Moscow as part of a “new page in bilateral relations”.

Today’s statement from Turkish authorities that it will be bucking the US through the the WTO will alarm Turkey’s former NATO allies and demonstrate yet further how far Western relations with the key Middle Eastern country have declined in the aftermath of the failed coup two years ago.

The continued extension of an olive branch to Mr Putin marks an extraordinary turnaround over the last few years for Turkey and Russia, coming about three years after the two countries became embroiled in a bitter war of words over the downing of a Russian jet in Syria. There have been tremendous efforts since then, to avoid allowing the US, KSA, or Israel to draw Turkey and Russia into conflict in Syria, even though the two countries have divergent aims in the war-torn country.

This tacit anti US alliance in the WTO has been borne out of necessity, with Moscow’s economy still suffering from sanctions placed on it for continuing to function as the ‘Russian Federation’, as a unified state.  But because technically, to the chagrin of the US, other countries still have a ‘right to self determination’, the Russian Federation cannot be directly attacked for being the Russian Federation. This is creates cynical pretexts such as those over Russia’s alleged actions in Syria and Ukraine.  Ankara is still smarting two years on from what it perceives as Western involvement in a failed military coup against Erdogan.


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