Ukraine to become first modern nation to DISAPPEAR altogether


The Ukrainians may become the first nation to disappear, the Ukrainian channel 1 + 1 reported.

According to the data, presented during the Ukrainian television show in figures, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the population of the country has reduced by 42 million people, while the death rate outweighs the birth rate.

25 years ago, Ukraine had a population of 52 million citizens, but in recent times it has decreased by at least 10 million, according to the media.

“It is the equivalent of the population of Sweden, Greece or Portugal,” they stressed during the program .

Moreover, the channel points out, the real numbers of the population may be different. Some experts believe that today’s Ukrainian population comprises only 35 million people, and the last census was conducted 18 years ago.

“The Ukrainians can become the first nation that can disappear completely,” said a correspondent of the channel.

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FRN reported yesterday, that according to current projections, the country is headed towards a total collapse of population within 20 years.

Currently in Ukraine, the ratio is 100 born to 140 dead.

In May, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs published a forecast, indicating that Ukraine’s population will amount to just over 36 million people in 2050, with reports that the number of Ukrainian people continues to decline rapidly.

However, despite these declining figures, with many people emigrating from Ukraine, Kiev continues with a hostile policy towards its Eurasian and energy rich neighbor. Rather than pushing for closer ties with Russia and China to help boost their economy to stop the the mass emigration and encourage Ukrainians to keep having children, reactionary forces in Kiev led by Petro Poroshenko continue to push Ukraine further into the clutches of NATO and the US, ignoring their prime position on the Eurasian landmass.

This in turn comes to the detriment of the ordinary Ukrainian, as close relations with Russia are a necessity to help in the fields of finance, technology and other key sectors that the US and NATO are not helping with.

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