Ukraine Unveils New Tank, Becomes Laughing Stock of Internet, Military Analysts


The video of a new Ukrainian tank presented by the country’s president, Petro Poroshenko, has drawn a flood of sarcastic comments from internet users. The military political scientist, Aleksandr Perendzhiev, has pointed out that these criticism may in fact be true.

Internet users scoffed at the testing video of the Ukrainian T-72AMT tank published by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

The Kiev leader wrote on Facebook that “it’s the main T-72AMT fighting tank, which is undergoing fire tests at military polygons.”

Some Internet users referred to the failure of the Ukrainian tankers at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge competitions in April.

Other users pointed to the fact that Ukrainian tanks are in fact merely slightly modernized versions of Soviet armor. In the past, Kiev has been unmasked by experts in attempts to present Soviet tech as new Ukrainian weapons.

Perendzhiev, meanwhile, says that Ukraine is simply unable to create supermodern tanks.

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“In order to create a good tank, it is necessary to have money, good technologies and strong builders, and to test it, and in the best of conditions, such as in real combat. All the tactical characteristics of a tank – armor, speed, maneuverability – are very important when it comes to fighting. As for Ukraine, it more often creates not tanks, but ‘armor’ that crawl and shoot and are not any threat. All the tanks which are now produced in Ukraine do not have such characteristics. Efforts to create supermodern tanks are non-existent in Ukraine, “he stressed.

For him, the Ukrainians are eager to spread their elaborations: “It’s been a while since they’ve been producing missiles. It seems that now they’ve decided to improve their image by declaring that they have new tanks. But they are not supermodern, so they have put themselves in a funny situation,” said the military expert.

It also appears that NATO, the anti-Russia alliance which Kiev has striven to join since the 2014 Maidan coup, has made no effort to give Ukraine access to modern military technologies.

Poroshenko’s showing off of the new Ukrainian tank also comes at a time when the Kiev leader’s approval rating is drastically low, with presidential elections scheduled for March 2019 and the Ukrainian economy in a state of drastic decline.

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