Ukraine will NOT be able to Destroy the Crimean Bridge, Defeat Russia

Ukrainian Government figures and Nationalists have publicly called for Terrorism to destroy new bridge


Ukrainian nationalists will not be able to destroy the Crimean Bridge or win a fight against the Russian state even with the help of their “allies” represented by terrorist organizations in the Caucasus, said a Russian political expert.

Previously, deputy of the Supreme Rada, Igor Mosiychuk, suggested that Ukrainian intelligence find allies to destroy the Crimean Bridge which, he said, was built only to “close, destabilize and conquer” the Sea of ​​Azov.

In addition, he expressed the hope that the “superior forces” and “elements of nature” help Kiev to get rid of the bridge.

This is not the first time that Mosiychuk has made statements of this kind regarding the Crimean Bridge. In May he called the construction of “enemy infrastructure” and stressed that he would personally participate in its destruction if he were Minister of Defense.

In this connection, political expert and member of the Crimean Public Chamber, Denis Baturin, explained, in a commentary what those calls by the Ukrainian MP mean.

“The proposal of Igor Mosiychuk [Ukrainian deputy] has mainly a populist character – a display for the media,” he said.

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However, he added that “the ‘allies’ of the Northern Caucasus who would help to carry out a terrorist attack are virtual, but on the other hand it is real contacts of Ukrainian nationalists with terrorist organizations that existed in the Caucasus when Russia was strengthening [after the disintegration of the USSR]”.

“Now Mosiychuk believes that such organizations are sufficient, are about and able to participate in the struggle of some Ukrainian patriots against the Russian state… This assumption is absurd, but unfortunately reflects the situation in the ideological field of Ukraine,” he emphasized.

The bridge connecting the Krasnodar region to the Crimea is the longest in Russia: 19 kilometers. The opening of the highways was scheduled for December 2018, but work was completed in advance.

Vladimir Putin inaugurated the road part of the bridge across the Kerch Strait on May 15 of this year, allowing vehicle movement the next day. The commencement of rail traffic across the bridge is planned for December 2019.

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