Some astonishing new statistics have just been compiled, adding more documented evidence that the Euromaidan was a bigger disaster for Ukraine than the collapse of the USSR.

Every minute, two people from Ukraine leave for work. Such statistics was published by the Internet site

This means that from the end of March until now, almost 440 thousand people have left Ukraine. To count this category of migrants, the resource used the figure announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin, who noted that “about 100,000 workers leave Ukraine every month”. This figure reflects accurate census data, based upon passport stamping and visa statistics at Ukraine’s out-bound borders, the airports, and roads. 

According to an expert on economic issues of the International Center of Prospects, Egor Kiyana, highly mostly qualified force leaves Ukraine, and the number of low-skilled workers remain in the country, increasing their numbers, relatively speaking.

“In general, it is believed that outgoing labor migrants prohibit the country from increasing production rates, since they work on the GDP of another country,” Kiyan said. 

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While this ‘outgoing labor migrants’ issue of ‘prohibiting the country from increasing productivity’ is certainly in part true, it does not correctly reflect the dynamic at play. If Ukraine had increasing production rates, made impossible by the US backed coup-installed government of Poroshenko, then skilled workers would have a better reason to stay. So it would appear that Kiyan places the cart before the horse. The increase in the number of emigrated workers will absolutely negatively affect Ukraine’s demography. According to the UN, by 2050 the population of Ukraine will be reduced by a minimum of 36%, though granted this figure is not based on the above statistics. Using the above statistics of 100k a month, this number would be drastically higher. 

That said, it appears that the statistic refers to the total out, and does not account for those returning. Economic expert Viktor Skarshevsky helps us better understand the difference, and what real trend we are likely to see.

“If this trend continues for 3-5 or 10 years, all temporary migrant workers will eventually turn into permanent migrants. And also students who study there, they will receive education and stay there to work,”

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