UKROPIAN GRANDEUR: “Russia will choke on blood”

- Ukrainian Deputy Minister boasts "increased military power"


If there’s one thing the delusions of Ukropia can bring out of a broken man like a broken army, is self-delusion among its non-combatant politicians.

We have to remember that this over-confidence is what hit the Ukrainians hard the first time, and was memorialized at massive blood-bath battles like Debaltsevo. In that conflict, Ukrainians took disproportionate losses perhaps not seen in modern warfare. This was the result of confusing foreign machinery and foreign support, for sound tactics and logistics.

The Deputy Minister “on issues of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons” of Ukraine, Yuri Grymchak, threatens Russia with a “bloody” response.

According to him, two years ago he predicted a lot of losses from Kiev in the event of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. But now he is sure that the Ukrainian army is in a much better condition than before.

“Then I said that they would be overwhelmed by our own blood. Today it seems to me that in the event of an offensive, they will choke on their own blood,” he said in an interview with one of the Ukrainian media.

“Over the years, we have changed a lot in the army, in equipment, and in weapons,” he added.

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According to Grymchak, “the situation is incomparable with 2014”.

“Then they had a chance for a more or less victorious” war “, but stopped, because the army did not run away, but began to resist and rebuff. For them, it was a surprise, and they did not dare go further. Now, if there is any kind of war, I get the impression that we will win it,” the deputy minister boasted.

These statements are at odds with what was just said by  retired colonel, ex-officer of the General Staff of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Oleg Zhdanov – who just yesterday said in a public print interview, that the UAF was about to collapse. 


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