US parade cost too high, Americans won’t have it. US troops on parade in Kiev instead

Ukraine pledges US reps to break all ties to Russia



Irony: Americans won’t support military parade and the price is too high, so it has been cancelled. But our US soldiers marched in the parade in Kiev. And the price of having them there is off the books and nobody tells us.

All the while, the “Anti Terrorist Operation” gives Ukrainians a license to kill Russian people in Donetsk and Lugansk, where Ukrainian soldiery “celebrated” with additional bombardments. We translate from Novorosinform: “Ukrainian armed forces in the so-called “day of independence” ramped up their shelling of Donbass. Throughout Friday they waged fierce war  on the main “hot” directions of the front.”

US Defense Secretary Mattis, of course continues to ignore who it is that is breaking the Minsk Accords every day — and he blames Russia. As quoted in the Orange County Register:

“Despite Russia’s denials, we know they are seeking to redraw international borders by force,” Mattis said, an ambition by Moscow that the secretary said is undermining sovereign European nations and stirring tension. And more:

“Have no doubt,” Mattis said at a news conference with Poroshenko. “The United States stands with Ukraine.”

Meanwhile at the front, we can see, thanks to Graham Phillips’ videos, a young woman in Ukie uniform firing a grenade launcher at a Donetsk village, for fun.

Female Ukraine soldier fires grenade at village. From Graham Phillips video can see civilian homes destroyed, and Russian civilians being murdered at long range.

Is the US really interested in Ukraine? Does the US really want peace in Ukraine? No, of course not. It is interested in using Ukraine to poke the Russian bear, and Ukraine President Poroshenko knows how to talk to US emissaries Bolton and Mattis to keep the support coming. As reported in The Irish Times,

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“Ukraine pledged to cut all ties with Russia and to seek swifter integration with the EU and Nato on Friday, as a top US official joined Kiev’s leaders for an independence day military parade that involved troops from western armies.”

“To make independence irreversible, to make Ukraine great and strong, without any prospect of returning to the Russian sphere of influence – this is the main task of our generation,” he said alongside US national security adviser John Bolton.

Here we have to call bull: Money transfers into Ukraine from Ukrainians working in Russia amounted to $10 billion in 2016. Cut off the inflow of 10 billion a year? Absurd. But still, to please Bolton and Mattis, the line had to be maintained.

And here is the make-believe from Bolton, again from the Irish Times report: A day after meeting his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev in Geneva, Mr Bolton said in Kiev that sanctions on Moscow would “remain in force until the required change in Russian behaviour.”

He knows perfectly, that the sanctions have achieved nothing in the realm of Realpolitik, and that they will not. Crimea go back to Ukraine — where Krushchev put it voting all by himself, with no voice given by the people there — ? Allow Ukraine to cleanse the self-proclaimed Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk?

Ukraine has made no secret of its plans for the two republics. Mattis knows. Bolton knows. We know. But to use Ukraine, the de facto leadership of the US has to pretend that it doesn’t.

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