VIDEO: OSCE DRONE, ALLEGATION – Russian Trucks bring Tanks into Donbass

By Boris Rozhin


The OSCE published a video showing trucks at the border of the Russian Federation with the DPR, which Ukraine has rushed to distribute as “proof of military aggression”. The situation was commented by the well-known military columnist Boris Rozhin, on pages of his personal blog.

It is worth noting that, as usual, the “evidence” once again ignores the absence of facts of any military equipment, which traditionally does not fall into satellite imagery. Americans, in this regard usually say that they have such videos, but they will not be shown to anyone, because it’s a secret.

In the DPR they say that such equipment has not crossed the border, but the situation itself is quite ridiculous, since the economic relations between the LPR-DPR and Russia have long been known and cars across the border go there and here.

By Boris Rozhin

The SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) is carrying out a series of measures aimed at provoking a conflict between the OSCE Mission and the People’s Republics (and the Russian Federation.)

This is confirmed by an earlier leak that allegedly the Ukrainian special services caught some Russian OSCE representative who were collecting data on OSCE observers. As evidence, the SBU even presented a flash drive, which contained data on some of the Mission’s employees.

And that’s all. More evidence of the Russian citizen’s involvement in espionage for his colleagues was not presented by the Ukrainian side.

Of course, any inhabitant becomes clear that this flash drive could easily be planted by Ukrainian counterintelligence agents on the Russian observer, and not only on him.

This is just an information provocation, organized by Ukrainian special services and aimed at discrediting Russia in the eyes of the world community.

Another example of an information attack by the Ukrainian special services on the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of Donetsk is the announcement that the OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle has fixed a column of military equipment crossing the state border of the Russian Federation and the DPR.

In fact, at that time, interdepartmental exercises on anti-terrorist activities were taking place in the territory of the People’s Republic Lugansk and the People’s Republic of Donetsk, and the technology could move freely across the territory of the Republics, including the regions near the state border. It is not surprising that these exercises became an occasion for information provocation by the SBU.

In this department they are ready to use any excuse to accuse Russia of participating in an armed conflict in the east of Ukraine. Surprisingly, despite the loud headlines of the Ukrainian media about allegedly another proof of the presence of military equipment in the Donbass, the OSCE does not at all blame Russia.

International observers understand that there is no reason for this. The technology of the People’s Republics did not cross from over the border with the Russian Federation, but only moved around in the border areas. The OSCE drone did not cross the state border and did not record any crossings of the border with military equipment, and certainly did not record any facts of military aggression by Russia towards Ukraine. But this is not interesting for the Ukrainian media, they would only have an excuse, and they can do anything from this.

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If this continues, Poroshenko will soon be forced to ask his Trans-atlantic hosts for financial assistance to repel an attack by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations … It’s ridiculous, of course, but anything from the current Ukrainian leadership, especially on the eve of the impending presidential elections in Ukraine .

It becomes obvious that such information provocations from the Ukrainian side are planned. The hooplah about the crossing of military equipment of the state border with the Russian Federation was timed to coincide with the meeting of the Chief of the General Staff, General Viktor Muzhenko and the First Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Ukraine, Alexander Hug, which took place on August 9 in Kiev.


The main purpose of this provocation is the accusation that the Russian Federation is actively, militarily complicit with the People’s Republics. With the aim of covering up their own crimes, the current Kiev authorities are trying to blame Russia for unleashing a war in the Donbass and write to it all the victims of this terrible punitive operation against their own people.

And the OSCE Mission would have been much more useful if it had not been for chasing the phantoms, but had fixed and stopped the war crimes committed by the APU, destroying the ambulances along with the medical workers.

Speaking seriously, it is by no means a secret that part of the industrial output and a significant part of the Donbass coal comes from the Republics to Russia and either is used in the Russian economy or it is legalized for sale to other countries that can not directly buy these products from LDPR.

In Russia, such issues are dealt with by a separate state commission, and at the local level these contacts go through governors. A striking example is the purchase of DPR coal by Turkey. Part of this coal, which enters Russia, is then resold to the same Ukraine, which allegedly does not use coal from the Donbass. And because industry and coal, trade and economic relations are not limited and constantly discussed by both sides.

But they decided to create a sensation by issuing a column of trucks for a column of military equipment. A column of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other things were not found, but here are the trucks …. What this proves is completely incomprehensible, since Ukraine has not controlled the border since 2014 and the DPR/LPR border with Russia is used to maintain various connections that prevent Ukraine from liquidating the Republic.

If the teachings speak the truth, then the measures for cooperation of border guards of the Republics with the FSB at the border took place as early as 2014, when the question arose in the formalization of the situation on the border.


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