VIDEO: Will Onyx missile launch by Russia send the ‘MESSAGE” to the U.S what AWAITS them in SYRIA?


The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video of the launch of the Onyx cruise missiles against targets on the surface of the sea. A military analyst points out that the missiles are a suitable deterrent weapon and believe the launch is a signal.

The recording released by the Russian ministry partly demonstrates the Pacific Fleet maneuvers in the Okhotsk Sea involving the launchings of the Bastion system Onyx missiles and cruise missiles from combat ships. All seven missiles launched hit their conventional targets.

Russian military analyst Boris Rozhin commented on the choice of missiles used in the maneuvers and what this means.

Rozhin pointed to the growing threat that the United States poses and it seemingly appears it will carry out an attack against Syria, and in this context, Russia’s missiles acquire special relevance.

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“It is clear that there will be no direct conflict, but by demonstrating such weapons, Russia gives a signal that it has means of destroying missile launch platforms that the United States can move in the theater of military actions in Syria,” said the hopeful Russian analyst.

At the same time, the speaker pointed out that the subject has more to do with politics than with the military arena and, even if Russia possesses advanced weapons, this does not exclude provocations by other countries against a sovereign state.

“Russia does this [primarily demonstrates arms] for reasons of its own security, but it can also use them in military action theaters abroad,” he concluded.

The Bastion system is designed to protect the coastline with a reach of over 600 km. The system is capable of destroying surface ships of various classes and types under conditions of fire resistance and intense radioelectronic warfare. It can be used day and night in various weather conditions and includes up to 36 projectiles.

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