WAR IMMINENT: US Plans to Partition Iraq, Invade Iran EXPOSED


A United States’ attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is imminent and could happen as early as in this month, August 2018, anonymous senior sources from the Australian government have leaked to the state-owned ABC television network.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has since rushed to dispel these “rumors” of a possible American attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities with Australia’s participation. The Australian premier insisted that the ABC report – again, state-owned media – not be believed.

However, the scenario of a US military attack on Iran is not merely a “rumor.” In fact, such a plan, codenamed “Iranian Freedom”, has been quoted by authors in The National Interest as set to be launched in 2026. The authors of this revealing article include active duty intelligence and military officers.

The envisioned pretext for the outbreak of hostilities would be the active development of nuclear weapons by Iran. And it is by 2026 that the United States is supposed to have irrefutable evidence that Iran is enriching uranium for the production of nuclear arsenals.

The US military campaign against Iran would start not with attacks from aircraft carriers located in the Persian Gulf, but with the use of ground forces from Iraq, which in 2021 will be completely partitioned by the efforts of the United States in several countries.

According to the authors of the article, the division of  Iraqi territory will have serious consequences for the balance of power in the region. The United States will be able to settle in Fallujah and Ramadi – territories of the “thriving Iraqi National State.”

Iranian political scientist, Middle East expert, and former Iranian diplomat in Lebanon, Seyyed Hadi Afghahi, has offered his explanation of just how realistic the scenario of a US invasion might  in view of the situation in the region. He also addressed the chances of Iraq being partitioned under this scheme and used as a platform for a possible attack on Iran.

“First, the described scenario of military invasion is only a fiction of the authors, which has no documented evidence. Second, the conditions in the region for the implementation of such a scenario of invasion by the Americans and their allies (whether British, French or even Saudi Arabia) are still not favorable, and in addition, neither the United States nor any European country consider that if they attack Iran, they will be able to control it, tame it and, or as they say, ‘put it in its place’, so that the strategic role of Iran in the region is reduced to zero,” said the former Iranian diplomat.

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“Thirdly, there is an even more important problem. When Donald Trump threatened to block the export of Iranian oil, he was confronted with a threat of response. Our political and military leadership defined that, even before the start of the oil embargo, we would go to block the Strait of Hormuz [the sea channel through which 1/5 of the world’s gas and oil supply is transported from the Persian Gulf to Western Europe and the USA],” he continued.

“Saudi Arabia has suspended oil exports through the Bab el Mandeb Strait because of rocket attacks from Yemen against Saudi oil tankers,” he said. “This is true even before the start of the US oil embargo against the oil industry. Iran and the closing of the Strait of Hormuz is a very sensitive issue that could plunge the entire region into a military conflict and bring no benefit to the US. If that happens, it will be the United States that comes from another continent and tries to create instability in the Strait of Hormuz. If the collision happens, it will not be limited to a battle between Iran and the United States,” the political scientist warned.

“So the very date of the military conflict, whether tomorrow or 2026, is not so important. In any case Iran is prepared to repel forces that in numbers exceed our [forces].”

According to Afghahi, however, one should not exclude the option that the US will bet on Iraq to turn it into a kind of platform to attack Iran.

“The issue of the division of Iraq is important to the Americans, they have struggled to do that, but they have not yet succeeded. Initially, they created ISIS, but the terrorist group was defeated … The Americans then decided to try their luck by betting on the Kurds,” he argued.

Afghahi believes that the Americans, in addition to waging psychological warfare, are feeding a plan for the division of Iraq to use it as a platform for their ground attack on Iran.

“They want to weaken Iraq from within, so that, in terms of economy and security, it loses its importance in the region. When Iraq held parliamentary elections, most of the votes were received by supporters of the so-called Resistance Front [which opposes the presence of the US]. Of course, this is not for the Americans, so they decided to change the rules of the game,” he explained.

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