“Free hunting,” the most unusual methods of camouflage and night tactics: Russian helicopter pilot Yevgeny Seelev reveals everything about the fighting in Syria.

According to Yevgeny Seelev, in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper , “free hunting” is one of the combat tactics used when pilots detect terrorist targets and attack them after coordinating actions with their superiors. The pilot explained that this way of acting allowed his colleagues to destroy many terrorist targets.

After the landing of Russian aviation in Syria, the terrorists were forced to change tactics and move mainly at night. However, according to Seelev, thanks to the new technologies, pilots were able to achieve their goals successfully even at night.

“The night vision system works very well, for example, with the Mi-28 you can detect a car at a distance of 15 kilometers, with the Mi-35, 6 to 7 km,” said the pilot.

The terrorists in Syria were well armed and trained. They attacked Russian helicopters with anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns. According to the pilot, the radicals moved around little known routes and used unusual methods of camouflage.

“Once we detected a truck that mimicked the color of the desert, we discovered that the vehicle had been covered with a mixture of clay and sand, and terrorists often tried to deceive us by creating fake targets,” Seelev recalled.

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Speaking about Russian combat vehicles, the military highlighted the Mi-28 helicopter.

“The Mi-28 also has a lot of room for maneuver, this helicopter ‘sees’ and fires from a longest distance. The ergonomics of the cabin is better, that is, the crew feels comfortable, which is also important,” he explained.

According to the magazine’s interlocutor, all types of helicopter weapons have their advantages.

For example, rockets are best suited for firing at scattered targets, guided missiles serve to eliminate specific targets, and cannons have a shorter range, but allow for more ammunition and higher firing rate.

The pilot has been in Syria for about a year and has performed more than 200 flights over five missions which included, among other things, the protection of airplanes near Hmeymim air base, air strikes and the escort of military convoys.

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