WATCH: Russian Officers Train Syrian Sappers in Homs


If the war in the Syrian Arab Republic has been raging for 7 years, then the work of sappers will still take 20, RusVesna reports. Mines, IEDs, mortars, and unexploded ordnances all lie waiting in the ground. This is especially problematic as Syria is largely an agrarian country, and people want to return to return to cultivate the land as soon as possible.

Engineer units of the Syrian Arab Republic, led by Russian military advisers, are working on clearing land and sites in the province of Homs, such as Nasiri Harabesi, Tel-Bis, and Majdal.

In mid-August, according to updated data, two hectares, 20 residential and commercial buildings, and one kilometer of roads have been cleared of explosives – 49 explosive devices were discovered and destroyed.

Overall, Syrian sappers have already neutralized 217.8 hectares in the province of Homs. At the present moment, 705 buildings and 43.8 kilometers of roads have been cleared, with 6,868 explosive devices neutralized.

Defusing munitions is a dangerous task. Besides improvised explosive devices of foreign manufacturing – including more than a few American samples found! – new types of IEDs and suicide belts are encountered, which terrorists control with radio transmitters. Shockingly, a large number of children’s toys have been found to be filled with explosives…

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In Nasiri Harabesi, Tel-Bis, and Majdal, infrastructure is being restored with the help of Syrian and Russian servicemen, and the various traps left by terrorists are being eliminated.

Sappers trained by Russian forces are playing a huge role in the reconstruction of a peaceful Syria, especially during this still difficult period.

In the following video from RusVesna war correspondent Petr Kirillov, viewers can see a training course for Syrian sappers in a de-mining school near Homs. The footage captures the consequences of a cadet’s error in de-mining a car, which triggered a signal mine.

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