By Jonathan Azaziah


By Jonathan Azaziah – Something ominous is brewing in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib. And it’s emerging after two crushing blows were inflicted upon the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime’s designs on Syria and the Arab-Islamic world as a whole. Contrary to all the chatter in the Russophobic sections of the alternative media, which screeched and teeth-gnashed about the inevitable capitulation of Russia to ‘Israel’ due to Vladimir Putin’s “Judeophilic servitude” vis-a-vis Iran in Syria, Russia openly and irrevocably endorsed the Islamic Republic’s presence in Bilad al-Sham. Joaquin Flores, the cerebral editor of Fort Russ, called it before anyone and described it with the following headline: “Putin smashes Netanyahu’s dreams”. This Russian-Iranian cooperation, much to the chagrin of the Zio-Tumor, was compounded further earlier this week as Iran signed a new bilateral defense agreement with Syria and Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami declared from Damascus, “No third party can affect the presence of Iranian advisors in Syria.”

As if this wasn’t major enough, the Syrian government then extended a formal request to the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah to remain on Syrian soil following the battles in the northwest, i.e. Idlib, as well as the northeast–a clear reference to the Kurdish-dominated SDF terrorist gang along with the US and Turkish occupiers. Damascus wants the help of ALLAH’s (SWT) Party in implementing civil reconciliation, helping resettle Syrian refugees currently displaced in Lebanon and maintaining security along the Lebanese-Syrian border. Lest we forget that Hizbullah is the architect of the liberationist infrastructure in Al-Jaulan and the Syrian leadership no doubt wants the Mouqawamah on the front lines without any hindrance once the war to free the Syrian lands occupied by ‘Israel’ for over 50 years pops off. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed as much during his speech for the first anniversary of Second Liberation Day, categorically rejecting all talk from all personalities and all press outlets that Hizbullah was departing Syria, overstretched, seeking an exit or any other nonsense. In the Two-Time Liberator of Lebanon’s own words, “One signal and one signal alone is enough for our youth, who have maximized their awareness, to flood any and every battlefield.”

Amidst these developments, the Syrian Arab Army has moved full-speed ahead with the preparations for the Idlib battle. This prompted the Zionist War Machine’s agents and apparatuses of hasbara to kick into high gear (out of high fear). And what’s their go-to propaganda buzz-phrase? CHEMICAL WEAPONS. It started with neocon maniac John Bolton who bluntly declared that if there is a chemical weapons attack in Idlib, the American ZOG will respond strongly. French President and Rothschild banker Emanuel Macron echoed the sentiments of the warmongering cartoonish villain serving as US National Security Advisor to the letter. This can’t be construed for anything–and we do mean ANYTHING–other than a green light to the 10,000+ Al-Qaeda terrorist thugs, many of whom are Chechen and Uyghur, to stage a false flag attack with some sort of chemical substance then lay blame at the feet of the Syrian government to trigger a NATO attack on Damascus.

Russia has warned of this. So has Hizbullah’s Secretary-General. And Syrian Ambassador to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari presented proof at the UN 24 hours ago of this very scheme, saying that “Certain Western states are using their black flags and White Helmets to stage new chemical attacks in order to obstruct the political process and justify their aggression against Syria.” This isn’t hysteria. Nor paranoia. This is as much a reality as the ocean being deep.

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Surely enough, just as Dr. Jaafari warned, the US-UK-Soros-‘Israeli’-backed, Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets were putting in the work for exactly this earlier on today, with Syrian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Walid al-Mouallem revealing that the faux-humanitarians kidnapped 44 children to be used as human props for the impending chemical false flag. This coincides with Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also dropping a startling bombshell, “According to the information available, eight containers with chlorine and ammunition for a multiple-launch rocket system to be filled with this chlorine were delivered [to terrorist factions] on August 23th and 24th in the area of the Idlib de-escalation zone, namely, in the town of Jisr al-Shughour.”

The wheels are spinning, the lies are in motion and this could be the worst one yet. For Empire Zionica has never been more desperate after watching hundreds of billions of dollars on the failed “regime change” scheme in Syria go down the tubes. The Imperium can’t win outright so it’s choosing to see the bleeding continue for as long as inhumanly possible instead. Thus, if cooler heads don’t prevail, remember the truths contained herein and don’t let the the Zionist media feed you mega-doses of legerdemain. The Syrian Arab Army won’t be using chems in its offensive. The Syrian Arab Army doesn’t even HAVE any chems to use! Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets will be the culprits. Like they have always been, from Khan al-Assal to Ghouta, Khan Shaykhoun to Douma. We repeat: DO NOT LET THE ZIONIST MEDIA HIT YOU WITH THE OKEY-DOKE. May Almighty God protect Syria and its allies. And may the final victory be achieved without any fake chemical histrionics, sending the head-chopping, church-burning, black-flag-waving, White-Helmet-wearing, Zio-owned, NATO-aligned Takfiri fanatics to their rightful, literal and proverbial graves.

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