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by Jonathan Azaziah – Death to the House of Saud and death to the Zionist media promoting its filthy lies. It’s remarkable that this is even being written: Saudi Arabia is denying that it bombed Al-Thawra Hospital in besieged Hudaydah and is actually saying the warplanes of its coalition weren’t even in the area.

This is despite the fact that in a separate press conference, another lackey of Riyadh said jets were in fact in the area, conducting bombing raids on Wednesday and Thursday but were about a mile out from the site of the newest massacre. Cool story, ain’t it? Well. It gets even cooler. Because the Wahhabi-Takfiri tyrants are blaming Ansarullah for it and have officially declared it was some kind of an IED that went off!

And MSM – NYT, BBC, Reuters, AP, Telegraph and more – just seems to be rolling with this absurdity UNCRITICALLY. That any “news” organization would give the Saudi-Emirati coalition, which is responsible for 600,000 Yemeni civilian deaths and injuries, the least bit of air/print time in the first place is an obscenity on its own. These are war criminals, full-stop, and they should be treated solely as war criminals. But to let this gang of Shi’a-hating psychopaths use such a platform as a shield for its atrocities and a means of fallaciously shifting blame onto the forces defending civilians against those very atrocities? Takes obscenity, elevates it, then puts it on PCP.

From the Telegraph, August 3rd 2018

The Telegraph’s spin


Outrage aside though, what matters of course is the evidence. And there are literally dozens ON TOP OF DOZENS of eyewitnesses who described a “double-tap” AERIAL attack. Al-Masirah, Saba, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Alam and Al-Manar all had reporters speaking to SURVIVORS of the massacre who SAW warplanes drop bombs on the hospital as well as the nearby fish market and then double back around to carry out another hit, bombing an ambulance at the medical center’s gate.

Guess what Al-Saud?! ANSARULLAH DOESN’T HAVE AMERICAN F-16S OR BRITISH TYPHOONS! This lunacy is no different than MSM coverage on the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity and Gaza or the Takfiri terrorists and the Syrian Arab Army — the former two are treated as pure as the white driven snow and all their claims (even though filled with falsehoods and totally unverified) are looked at as fact while the latter two are treated as impure as raw sewage and all their claims (even though rooted in absolute truth and verified by sources outside of the Zionist media) are dismissed.

Sickening. And when the wreckage clears and the rest of the bodies are pulled from the rubble – martyr count is now up to 60 from 56 – we can best be sure that there will be US-UK armament parts stained in Yemeni blood.

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This is part and parcel of the Zionist media’s whitewashing of everything Saudi Arabia does since the accursed, Westoxified devil Muhammad bin Salman has taken over the Dark Kingdom. He’s never to blame. It’s Iran. It’s Ansarullah. It’s Hijazi women. It’s the Shi’a. And whatever he does is wrapped in love, peace, feminism and democracy. ENOUGH. He’s a blood-soaked maniac. His regime is topped off with blood-soaked maniacs.

His clerical establishment are all blood-soaked maniacs. His Western and Khaleeji allies are blood-soaked maniacs. And just like every other massacre in Yemen going back to March 26th, 2015, they’re the perpetrators of what happened at Al-Thawra Hospital 72 hours ago–NOT the Yemeni Islamic Resistance. The Jewish-dominated corporate press is complicit in this latest act of genocide. Don’t believe a hasbaranik word they spew.


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Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on https://mouqawamahmusic.net/) focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.


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