White Helmets plan a chemical attack, Russia delivers 5 tons of food to Syria


The Russian military has distributed more than 5 tons of bread among Syrians who left the province of Idlib, controlled by jihadist militants, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said on Wednesday.

Idlib province is a stronghold of jihadists in the country. Russia operates the Abu al-Duhur humanitarian corridor, which allows residents to leave the province until the terrorists are eliminated.

Displaced people also receive other food and clothing, the Russian center said, adding that all people leaving the province should go through a check-up at the field hospital and receive the necessary treatment.

Russia, alongside Iran and Turkey, is one of the main supporters of the ceasefire regime in Syria. Moscow has also helped Damascus, both by supporting the fight against terrorist groups, and by providing humanitarian aid to the residents of the crisis-ravaged country. However, Turkey has played a nebulous and vacillating role.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets group delivered a large consignment of toxic substances to a warehouse used by militants in Idlib province. General Aleksei Tsygankov, the head of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, said.

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“According to information received by the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation from independent sources located in the province of Idlib, a large shipment of toxic substances, accompanied by eight representatives of the White Helmets, was delivered in the village of Afs, in the settlement of Saraqib, in a warehouse used by Ahrar al-Sham militants to store weapons and fuel supplies,” he said.

“They were greeted by two senior commanders from the above-mentioned illegal armed group,” added Tsygankov.

According to him, “part of this unidentified plastic crate shipment was then transported to another jihadist base in the southern part of Idlib province in order to stage a false-flag chemical attack and later accuse government forces of using toxic agents against civilians.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Sunday that the White Helmets group in Syria plans to shoot videos for the media in the Middle East and Britain after staging a chemical weapons attack aimed at destabilize the situation in the Arab country.

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