Why Trump’s Tweeted Trade Threat Against Iran Will BACKFIRE

By Curwen Ares Rolinson

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By Curwen Ares Rolinson –

You know, there is a strange thing – for the last two years, we have heard ad nauseum and ad-infinatum , concerns about “doing X is how we got Hitler”. Most of which has been based around “freedom of speech” concerns … and comparatively little of it, entirely unsurprisingly, on the basis of “punch a Nazi” slash street-fighting between political activists , leading to increasing support for “strong on enforcing law and order” types.

But neither of these things is what I’m thinking about at the moment.

Instead, it’s the unsung ‘elephant in the room’ as applies just how Germany wound up with a revanchist, “Make Germany Great Again” government in the first place. That is to say, the economics of the situation. People are, generally speaking, far more willing to countenance ‘radical’ solutions to problems when the ‘conventional’ “solutions” are increasingly appearing to be both morally and er .. fiscally bankrupt.

[There is perhaps a kernel of residual Marxism here – alterations in economic base being far more likely as primary drivers of societal change than mere shifting of deckchairs amidst the debris of the socio-superstructure].

And certainly, we have seen this pattern play out previously – in a European country whose name started with “G”, which was victimized and disempowered by an externally imposed and outright ruinous regimen of seemingly deliberately untenable sanction/repayment measures.

I am speaking, of course, about Greece a little under a decade ago – wherein both SYRIZA and Golden Dawn found themselves capaciously buoyed by German macroeconomic aggression and European Union indifference to the very real ‘consequences on the ground’ of imposing , once again and over and over, “Austerity As Usual” upon an effectively captive population.

Now this is not to say that I am axiomatically against “radical solutions”, “radical politics”, and other more trenchant expressions of the growing, burgeoning, righteous opposition to Neoliberalism.

Of course, I am not.

But where I am going with this is… Tehran.

I do not, for a moment, believe there is any whit of worth to the screeching, spurious sentences seeking to compare Iran – either in the present Presidency, or previously under Ahmadinejad etc. – with Hitler and Nazi Germany.

It is merely excessively convenient rhetoric for a certain state and a certain political tendency elsewhere in the world. And I must confess I am almost surprised that “THEY’RE LITERALLY AIRYANS” has not marched with ill-disposed confidence in the direction of those scurrilous mouths involved.

Yet even a moment’s consideration would SURELY seem to suggest that the Trump Administration’s drive to *further economically isolate* Iran from the rest of the wrold … to attempt to, if not “starve them into submission”, then at least “put the screws on” so tightly that the Iranian people ‘would’ be pushed to agitate for change …

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… is likely to be one of the most singularly self-defeating geopolitical ploys since the Germans [..an er .. an earlier lot of Germans] thought to smuggle Lenin into the Russian Empire a little more than a century ago.

Consider this:

When you are a normal citizen of a country; who has pride in your nation, your civilization’s rather enviable record of achievements stretching back spanning the millennia; and when you have found yourself, your nation, so unfairly victimized for quite some decades now by everybody from the British Empire, through to the CIA and Shell Oil, and on to more recent geopolitical happenings … the natural, logical, and ordinary reaction to some petty President half a world away choosing to unilaterally impose further sanctions upon your country, despite there being no actual serious, worthwhile evidence of it having done anything wrong – in this or many other instances – in a way that very plausibly might make *your* life more materially difficult or uncomfortable, is NOT to go “oh yeah, the Amerigoblin on Twitter has a point”.

It is certainly unlikely to induce one to take a few steps further and suggest that what one must do is attempt to roll the Government [yours, not the American one … ] in a bid to replace it with Neoliberal Globalism [potentially, with deference, to a certain self-professed CIA ‘useful idiot’ … Neoliberal Globalism with Faux-Zoroastrian Characteristics] and Atlanticist alignment.

Because why would you?

Instead, the *plausible* reaction on the part of many Iranians will be just what we saw in 2009 under Ahmadinejad with that year’s Presidential Election – namely, that Western-backed [or, in this case, not so much Western-backed as American-imposed on a unilateral basis across much of the World regardless of what even much of the West may think … ] ratcheting up of pressure upon Iran will instead lead to a rallying of popular support *precisely for* greater and more strident efforts to promulgate Resistance against the Atlanticist-antagonists of the situation.

Now I am, once again, of course NOT attempting to suggest that any Iranian politician is “literally Hitler”. Such a thing would be absurd. Almost as absurd as US policy in the region, which appears to be running contingent upon genuinely believing such rhetoric at least some of the time.

But just as endeavouring to impose economic misery on Germany once upon a time did not either manage to enduringly *weaken* Germany in the anticipated manner; or ‘impose’ Weimar style “liberal norms as usual” upon German (politico-)society … I see absolutely no reason to suspect that Trump’s tweeted trade sanction pledge will actually lead to Iranians choosing to more enthusiastically embrace the pungent results of American hegemony.

After all – why should they?



Curwen Ares Rolinson has endured almost a decade’s worth of experience at the highest levels of New Zealand Politics; serving as a prominent public face of left-nationalism in his home country before making the transition to political journalism and work in the PR field. His writing has been published in a wide array of outlets – ranging from his award-winning “Sex, Drugs & Electoral Rolls” magazine column, as well as the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and of course the radically dangerous Fort Russ News.

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