With the U.S Empire now collapsed, China seeks new partners in bid to reshape Middle East


Tensions between the US and China seem to be defining the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The great competition between the two military and economic powers is not geographically limited, as China is indicating its intention to shape the regional and military environment of the Middle East through commercial partnerships with regional states, as well as through the projection of its own military power, according to an article published by Owen Daniels in The National Interest .

The key point for China, as well as its strategy, in the Middle East, is oil. China has been making economic investments in this region, spending billions of dollars, and China is the second largest importer of oil from the Middle East, and also the main importer of Iran.

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However, China is thinking of doubling its trade in the Middle East, ignoring sanctions and forming new partnerships in its trade war. Another factor is that the Middle East is an essential market for the Chinese One Belt, One Road project. All of China’s interest in this market is linked to the trade war, and with such a situation and large Chinese investment this would bring new partnerships, even if there are risks because it is a difficult and volatile market.

Another power present in the Middle East is Russia. Meanwhile, China and Russia are acting together in Syria, supporting the Syrian President against US intervention. In any case, the most important in the case of China is not only to attract the countries of the Middle East as new trading partners, but also Iran to use it in the development of the New Silk Road. This to China is reopening ancient trade routes that it had with the Middle East historically. Its also in a drive to dominate the global market away from US hegemony.

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