by Jonathan Azaziah


Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi thanked Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah liberation group, for praising her “brave and courageous” slapping of an Israeli soldier. Tamimi, 17, was released from an Israeli prison last month after being held in custody since December 2017, for slapping an Israeli soldier in self-defense, who struck her first, in an incident filmed her West Bank village of Nebi Saleh. The following guest contribution gives the opinion of its author to FRN, for journalistic, educational, and historical-documentary purposes only – ed. 

by Jonathan Azaziah – This Mouqawamist exchange should be filed this under “Things That Give Zionist Pigs Heart Palpitations”.

During his Martyred Leaders’ Day speech on February 16th, Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah sent salaams and heaped praises upon Palestinian Resistance heroes Omar al-Abed (who stabbed and sent three ‘Israeli’ land thieves to hell in defense of Al-Aqsa; he has been imprisoned for life by the occupiers), Al-Shahid Ahmad Jarrar (who lit up an illegal Jewish colony and sent one occupying demon to hell; he was martyred by IOF whilst reading the Holy Qur’an) and of course, Ahed Tamimi.

Of the fiery and freckled female eagle, Sayyed Abou Hadi said, “The position taken by the young girl Ahed Tamimi is brave and especially courageous. This is a girl who is fearless as she confronts the ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers and slaps them, inspiring many to replicate her example.”

Now, the Zaynab (A.S.) of Palestine, who has been free for about 3 weeks following an 8-month stint in a Jewish occupation dungeon where she endured barbarity and sexual harassment, has taken to a video stream to salute Lebanon’s Liberator right back with a beautiful message:

“To the honorable Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah… I say… Thank you so much and I wish you the happiest Eid. His words [about me] boosted our morale. I say ‘our’ because it wasn’t just my morale but the morale of many people because I represent the people. I don’t only represent myself but all the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause.

His words were in support of the entire Palestinian people, not just me. I want to salute him, to thank him for his support and to tell him that he always makes us grow stronger and stronger. We all support him and are so very proud of him.”

We reiterate what was noted in the wake of PFLP fedayee Ayman Nafez Rabih an-Najjar’s (R.A.) martyrdom at the hands of the Zionist enemy... The Palestinian Resistance, regardless of whether it is the armed contingent or the popular one, stands with Hizbullah and its saintly leader. Period.

Ahed’s embrace of Nasrallah triggered and outpouring of hate from the ‘Israeli’ press and a Zionized legion of Saudi trolls–a reflection of the seemingly limitless alliance between Riyadh and “Tel Aviv” on the political, financial, military, intelligence, logistical, media and societal levels. Considering her maturity and clear stance on Resistance wherever it is throughout our region, we should expect a fierce rebuke of Al-Saud and its tools soon, especially in relation to the ongoing genocide in Yemen. The frizzy-haired spirit of the Mouqawamist Tamimi family’s message also exuded the humbleness we’ve come to expect from her.

When she was freed from the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s captivity, she said, “My happiness is not complete because of my detained sisters whom I lived with inside the Zionist detention centers. I wish to see them all free and here with me.” Later on, after having a celebratory ice cream to make up for spending her 18th birthday behind bars, she sternly stated, “It’s not just my story. It’s the story of all Palestinian children. Fight for them as you have fought for me!” Nour recognizes Nour and it’s this humility along with her defiance that undoubtedly moved Sayyed Abou Hadi–our guide and our pride and the Brightest of Lights–to speak in support of her.

Concluding, the Nasrallah-Tamimi dynamic has put two atrocious groups in an extremely precarious crunch: The Falsifiers and the Co-opters. The Falsifiers have despicably accused Ahed of being a Zionist plant, absurdly questioned why she was granted so much media coverage–as if the critical thinking had shut off in their brains–and went as far to say that her suffering inside the walls of a Jewish supremacist dungeon was staged. Who knew that Zion’s jails, where tens of thousands of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim prisoners have been tortured since ’48, were akin to movie sets? Verily, such vomit-inducing jabs ignore all reality.

As Ahed’s own mother Nariman, who was imprisoned with her, bluntly and powerfully declared, her daughter received whatever notoriety she did primarily because of Eurocentric racism. Beyond that, coverage in the Zionist media was anything but positive, with multiple corporate rags outright accusing her of terrorism and the ‘Israeli’ press going as far to carry war criminal Michael Oren’s pernicious claims that the Tamimis aren’t even a real family.

Moreover, from Ahed’s perspective, as a freedom fighter, an articulate activist and a spokeswoman for her people and their cause, she’d be a fool not to take advantage of the spotlight and raise awareness for others facing the same plight–which is exactly what she did as documented above and she did so while simultaneously resisting normalization and boycotting the “news” outlets of the occupation. The Tamimis are a family of Shouhada, burying 23 of their kin since 1976.

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They’re also a family of prisoners, with dozens still rotting in the jails of the Zio-Tumor, including Ahed’s brother Waed, who just got sentenced to 14 months for stone-throwing. A meeting with Erdogan when she was younger–the Islamic Republic of Iran has meetings with the Neo-Ottoman regime from time to time for diplomatic purposes too, so what?!–and a vile Zionist Jewess for a lawyer–many Palestinians are forced into having ‘Israelis’ for attorneys, it’s part of the shaytanic entity’s corrupt, Gentile-crushing, rabbinically-driven (il)legal system–are exceedingly severe reaches that are ultimately invalidated by all the facts laid out herein.

Usually when ‘Israel’ attempts to exterminate your family out of existence while brutalizing anyone who survives along the way from decade to decade blatantly signifies you’re NOT one of their Shabbos Goyim.

Then there are the Co-opters. They have parasitically attempted to monopolize Ahed’s ordeal to inject some much-needed life into their liberal-extremist cult of nonviolence. They have parasitically attempted to utilize Ahed’s stint in a hellish cell as a crutch to prop up the idea that Palestinians aren’t lions and lionesses but lambs who will protest here and protest there while never threatening the continued murderous presence and longevity of the artificial Jewish “state” on Palestinian soil.

They too operated in ignorance though. For Ahed has saluted ALL elements of the Palestinian Resistance, from the stone-throwers to the stabbers, the boycotters to the istishhadioun (those who carry out martyrdom operations), a display of wisdom beyond her years and an indication of her acute awareness that popular demonstrations alone cannot free Palestine. Only arms can achieve that task.

Indeed, looking at Yemen today, we see that massive protests are staged routinely by millions of Yemenis to supplement an armed campaign that daily humiliates and smashes the Saudi invaders. In yesteryear’s Algeria, demos were common to show the Zionist-aligned French colonial regime that all segments of Algerian society wouldn’t bow, but it was the weapons and guerilla warfare of the Nasser-backed FLN that brought Paris to its knees. Hizbullah’s arms liberated Lebanon and then defeated ‘Israel’ in ’06. The Palestinian Resistance’s arms liberated Gaza in ’05. Arms, arms, arms.

Understand? No doubt Ahed does! The Sorosite gangs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as the tribalist crypto-Zionists like Jewish Voice for “Peace” are barred from telling Palestinians (or Arabs and Muslims generally) how they should speak about Falasteen’s liberation or how that liberation is going to be achieved. Ahed doesn’t belong to them. As the ferocious warrior-girl noted herself, she belongs to Palestine. Not some Zionist enclave hellbent on propagating illusions that the usurpers and the usurped are going to sing happy songs and roast halal marshmallows in the end as the former maintain their place like everything’s gravy. Palestine. And like Ahed also said, Nasrallah makes Palestinians grow stronger and stronger and they all support him with pride. Not exactly the female Gandhi you were looking for, eh “chosenites”?


The litmus test for any individual, organization, state or movement in how they are to be perceived on the Hegemonic vs. Counter-Hegemonic divide of international relations is what their view of Hizbullah happens to be. Ahed Tamimi passed with flying colors–those colors being Husseini Yellow and Green of course. Falsifiers and Co-opters… To the trash with ’em. The usurping Zionist entity’s hasbara organs… To the hellfire with ’em. Anyone who doesn’t stand with the Tamimis and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance…. To the dustbin of history with ’em. All of ’em. Palestine and Hizbullah are one hand.

The personification of Lady Zaynab (A.S.) in Palestine, the Nebula of Nabi Saleh, knows who the genuine hero is. And nobody knows Mouqawamism like Lebanon’s Liberator, the Brave of Bourj Hammoud, and his stance on Ahed is clear. Striking Star Salute to them both. May ALLAH (SWT) preserve, strengthen and uplift them as the fight to free the Holy Land and God’s Green Earth from World Zionism continues.


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