4 Russian reconnaissance planes caught near Alaska, US media says


The Aerospace Defense Command of North America reported on Friday through its social networks on the entry of alleged four Russian reconnaissance aircraft into the Alaskan air defense identification zone.

At the same time, on its Twitter page the organization made it clear that the aircraft had not violated the US or Canadian air borders.

A similar incident happened earlier on September 1. US Air Force F-22 fighters escorted two Russian Tu-95 aircraft until the bombers left the anti-aircraft identification zone established along the Aleutian Islands heading west.

At the time, the Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that flights were planned and that pilots of wide-ranging aviation and maritime aviation conduct regular flights in the neutral waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Black Sea and Pacific. The Russian entity said that all these flights are carried out in accordance with international rules, without violating the airspace of other countries.

Meanwhile, a strategic drone of the US Air Force, RQ-4 Global Hawk, conducted a reconnaissance flight along the Russian Black Sea coast some days ago.

According to the monitoring service Plane Radar, the drone departed from the NATO airbase of Sigonella, located in Sicily, and began carrying out surveillance actions along the front line at Donbass at 12:19 pm Moscow time.

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Thereafter, the drone sailed off the coast of the Crimean peninsula and the Russian region of Krasnodar, where it carried out monitoring actions for almost eight hours.

The drone approached the Russian coast several times at a distance of 40 kilometers. At 22:19 Moscow time, the RQ-4 Global Hawk finished the mission and headed to its air base.

In addition, a US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was sighted near the Black Sea coast at 12 noon Moscow time (0600 GMT).

It is not the first time the American reconnaissance drone RQ-4B is sighted in the airspace of the Donbass region. In recent months, drone flights near Russian borders have become more frequent.

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