50,000 jihadist in Idlib willing to FIGHT to the DEATH, as ISIS is SMASHED in Syria


Russian ambassador to the UN Vasili Nebenzia said on Friday that about 50,000 jihadists are operating in the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria.

“In the demilitarized area of ​​Idlib operate 40-45 (terrorist) groups, approximately 50,000 people in total,” Nebenzia told a meeting of the UN Security Council.

The Russian representative also noted that Western partners are “stirring up the tension around Idlib,” but are seeking to avoid the elimination of the last territory dominated by terrorists in Syria.

This also comes as the US-led international coalition begins exercises to defeat the ISIS terrorist organization in eastern Syria and coordinates with Russia to avoid collisions.

“Operation Incident Resolution forces began an exercise in eastern Syria to perfect their war skills for counter-terrorism operations on September 7,” Central Command said Friday in a press release.

The situation of the conflict in Syria has worsened in the last week with the threat of a military operation in Idlib.

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Elsewhere in Syria, the Syrian army is conducting an offensive operation against terrorists occupying the hills of Tulul al-Safa in the As-Suwayda desert in southern Syria, having advanced two kilometers in the last day.

The recent advance of the Syrian army is an impressive success because the battlefield is an open relief region replete with petrified lava. Positioning themselves in higher positions, terrorist snipers continue to attack approaches by Syrian forces.

Anticipating the attack, ISIS faced artillery and the Syrian Air Force supported land forces. As a result, dozens of terrorists were eliminated. The militants abandoned various positions, leaving behind weapons and ammunition. The militants had to flee and abandoned the bodies of their comrades, which rarely happens.

Now the army has opened the road to the two main hills. The Armed Forces are only seven kilometers from the ultimate goal and last shelter of militants in the desert. This area is located in the dense circle of the Syrian army, so that the issue of its total liberation from the terrorists will be resolved soon.

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