BLUNDER! ‘The West has made a strategic mistake in Syria’


Last Friday, leaders from Russia, Iran and Turkey gathered in Tehran for a trilateral summit. Iranian political scientist commented the results of the summit, stressing that the US no longer have influence on the situation in Syria.

The operation in Idlib and the regulation of the situation in Syria became the main themes of the trilateral summit between Russia, Turkey and Iran that took place on September 7 in Tehran.

For international affairs expert Seyed Hadi Barhani, the trilateral summit was a success for Iranian diplomacy, showing that despite political and economic pressure Iran remains one of the most important players in the region.

The United States, for its part, is playing a destructive role in the process of regulation in Syria, believes Barhani, doing everything to thwart the success of the Syrian army and postpone victory over terrorists. However, he points out, “all these efforts are in vain, because the US neither exerts real influence on the situation nor can it stop the process”.

The Iranian political scientist recalls that in these cases Washington tends to resort to a tactic already successfully tested: staged chemical attacks that they repeat every time the Syrian army succeeds in fighting terrorists.

Speaking of the general American strategy in Syria, Barhani believes that this one ended up going wrong.

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“In general, I think the West has made a strategic mistake in relation to Syria. The Israeli lobby in Western capitals, including Washington, is so big that they assess the situation in the Middle East from Israel’s point of view, acting in the interests of this and not in theirs. They have spent billions of dollars to overthrow the Bashar Assad government but have never achieved the goal and are now paying for their blind pro-Israel policy,” the analyst said in an interview.

With him agrees another scientist, the head of the Department of North American Studies at Tehran University, Seyed Mohammad Marandi. The meeting in Tehran for him contributed both to the resolution of the Syrian situation and to the strengthening of relations between Moscow, Tehran and Ankara in the fight against American sanctions.

According to Marandi, the US from the beginning supported the war in Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries.

“To weaken the Syrian government, the Americans have allowed the Saudis and Persian Gulf countries to help the extremists as it was in Afghanistan in the 1960s, but on a larger scale. The United States wants Al-Qaeda to remain as their instrument of pressure in Syria. In addition, they themselves captured a significant part of Syria,” said Marandi.

Like the previous analyst, Marandi says the US has used alleged chemical attacks as pretexts to conduct its air strikes. Washington is now laying the groundwork for the Al-Qaeda and Tahrir al-Sham groups and Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets to carry out a staged attack and again blame the Syrian government.

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