BRAZIL POWDERKEG: Ciro Gomes – ‘I Warned the Army Commander that Mourão is Planning a Coup’


The candidate for the Presidency of the  Brazilian Republic, Ciro Gomes (PDT), began on Tuesday the interviews conducted by the journalist Renata Lo Prette for Jornal da Globo.

Ciro Gomes again criticized General Hamilton Mourão, candidate for the vice-presidency in the plate of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). Ciro Gomes said he had a private conversation with Army Commander Eduardo Villas Bôas in which he accused General Hamilton Mourão of plotting a coup.

“I warned [Villas Bôas] that I would face Mourão because he was escalating a coup in Brazil. I know the law and it is forbidden for military leaders to have a say in politics,” said Ciro.

The PDT candidate also commented on the controversy surrounding an argument he had with a man in Roraima on Sunday during an event in our campaign. Ciro Gomes pushed and cursed a man who presented himself as a journalist. The man is named Luiz Nicolas Maciel Petri and works in MDB and DEM campaigns in Roraima.

“I do not have the blood of a cockroach and I do not want to have it. I was warned that Romero Jucá, who everyone knows what a bad guy he is, wanted to embarrass me so I would not walk the streets of Boa Vista. Comrade came and put his hand here [pointing to his chest] and wanted to put a sticker of Bolsonaro to pretend that it was someone from Bolsonaro, fortunately the press is watching and it’s filmed, so he came on top of me again and that’s when I pushed him back,” said Ciro.

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When asked about Lula, Ciro Gomes said that Lula “is neither Satan nor God” and that he knew about Petrobras’ corruption deviations.

Ciro Gomes is facing against Lula’s appointed candidate Haddad, a left-winger, and against the neo-liberal and the Trump-wannabe of Bolsonaro who has the support of the Zionist Evangelical minority of Brazil.

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