BRAZIL’S ELECTORAL CRISIS: Voter Mentality and the Possibility of Real Solutions


Brazil has reached a critical moment. The world political context is currently organized around a dispute between globalists and antiglobalistas. On this basis, in several countries of the world, concrete alternatives have emerged to the old liberal-Democratic and bourgeois pseudo-liberal pseudo-Liberals of the ” right” and “left”.

There was some hope that Brazil was synchronised politically with these international trends (like BRICS, etc.) and that, therefore, there would be some great alternative, other than that pseudo-polarisation, which could lend towards a direct connection with the people, jumping away from representative (bourgeois-democratic) illusions, from which there could be found a new legitimacy – to challenge the interests of the lords of the world. To this, bourgeois media has named it “populism”.

But for us, “Populism” is the only real democracy, that is to say the concrete and effective harmonisation between the people and their leadership, to the care of the interests of the masses by a charismatic leadership, which has scientifically understood the bankruptcy of representative mechanisms, and that is why they are directly involved with the people. The so-called “populism”, thus, is the main form of real, organic democracy in our time.

However, if there is a second round contest in the presidential elections between Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad, we can say that these hopes will not materialize. Neither of them is any real alternative to liberal bourgeois capitalist society. The two campaigns are nothing more than drills organized around staged performances and shows.

From a purely practical and realistic sense, we could say that, to some extent, this could even be expected because of the political immaturity and ease with which the Brazilian people in general are manipulated by their impulsiveness. Like cattle, the Brazilian mass hangs, on the right, on the left, by voting more opposed to some political ‘Demon’ than on any forward platform they really support.

But from a more ideal perspective, from pure national potential, Brazil indeed would not deserve this second class treatment.

Haddad is the eternal promise of “social justice”, never fulfilled, always postponed, and hidden behind all its staging, so he’s only a nerdy version of Ced, a bourgeois academic, very similar to the other tool who ruled us recently (The Psdb. – Social Democracy Party). The left will be voting for a murderer of the disenfranchised, who promises reconciliation with the forces of the neo-Liberal ‘shock doctrinaires’, for the twisted purpose of  “Fighting Bolsonaro”, which in his mind would be ” absolute evil “.

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Bolsonaro is the promise of an alternative to “old politics”, but a promise long ago that was sold, delivered and reconciled with that same old policy. Behind all the spectacle of Bolsonaro are the same old interests that have guided Brazilian politics and economy in recent decades: Bankers, landlords, Ngos, think-tanks. The “hard” speech hides an extremely loose man, with no opinion of his own, and that bends with ease for any yabba-yabba coming from his “Gurus”. Those who vote for Bolsonaro, will do it as cattle, guided basically by the anti-electoral and Anti-left feeling, even disagreeing with their candidate’s projects. All that matters to these will be “Fighting the PT – Worker’s Party “, the “absolute evil”.

But another policy (and thus another election) would be possible. In the event there was a candidate who embodies the most essential demands of the people, who stands for social justice and security, economic sovereignty and public morality, and who understood the great international moment in which we are in (the dispute between the interests of the free peoples of the world versus the Global social engineering and capitalist totalitarianism of the international elite).

Another Brazil is possible. This country’s potential is endless. There’s nothing missing here in material terms. Brazil could be great, sovereign and prosperous.

But not with Haddad. Nor with Bolsonaro.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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