Published on: Sep 29, 2018 @ 18:31 – FRN reports this breaking story, as tensions continue to rise in the Balkans. At the present time, the Armies of Albania and of Serbia are preparing for a major armed conflict. 60 members of the special unit of the ethnic Albanian ROSU – Kosovo paramilitary police – marched into and occupied the Serbian settlement at Lake Gazivode. President Vucic has ordered the Serbian Armed Forces to prepare for war. 

The conflict surrounds the Serbian autonomous region of Kosovo, which illegally declared independence from Serbia a decade ago.

As of right now, the Serbian Armed Forces are on its highest state of combat readiness, with the Serbian Armed Forces being, at the time of this publication, fully mobilized and preparing for war if necessary.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered that the entire Serbian Armed Forces be placed in the state of the highest combat readiness, the local state news agency Tanjug confirmed this from the President’s office. Vucic is also the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The order from President Vucic was given to the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, to mobilize the Serbian Armed Forces.

At the present time, it has been revealed to FRN that President Putin of the Russian Federation is on the hotline phone with Serbian President Vucic. They are presently working through where this real-time scenario fits in with their past projections and contingency plans, and what actions the two close states will take next.

Serbia is an observer member of the CSTO, the Russian Federation and allies response to further NATO encroachment into the Balkans and Eastern Europe. This is even as the USSR collapsed and the Warsaw Pact was disbanded under Gorbachev. It is generally believed by the expert community that the ultimate goal is for Serbia to become a full member. This would be in response to countries like the former Yugoslav and Serbian union-state nation of Montenegro joining NATO. Or it come in response to pushes by NATO powers controlling Bosnia & Herzegovina to make B&H a unitary centralized state that strips the autonomous ‘Republika Srpska’ of its independent status within B&H. Drills and exercices involving the three states – Serbia, Belarus, and Russia, have taken place under the title ‘Slavic Brotherhood’, every year, for a number of years running now.

The reason for the order for going into the highest level of combat readiness is this: Earlier this morning about 60 ROSU members – the paramiliary police –  were deployed in the immediate vicinity of a Serbian village in the north of Kosovo. This village is in the ethnic Serbian enclave at Lake Gazivode. Under standing ad-hoc agreements, despite the fact that Serbia does not recognize the breakaway U.S puppet, self-declared government in Pristina, it has a letter of agreement that the northernmost region of Kosovo not be ruled directly by Pristina. This area which is still majority Serbian demographically, has its own Serbian militias and police. All of this is within the Albanian dominated, illegal break-away ‘Kosovo Republic’. This measure was taken to protect Serbians within Kosovo from continued terrorist attacks, church burnings, and razing of historical and cultural monuments and centers, as has taken place throughout the rest of Kosovo since the US formally occupied the region in 1999. Serbian nationalist critics of the Vucic government have taken these to mean that Vucic is de facto recognizing Kosovo.  However, on August 6th, this began to unravel as U.S KFOR forces marched in to occupy the settlement at Lake Gazivode which has a strategically important electric plant. 

FRN has its main hub in Belgrade and has a network of correspondents close to the military and political institutions, and will be covering this story intimately. Right now the mood in Belgrade is tense, and the present situation is the primary subject among citizens on the streets. Rumors of war and whispers of a major conflict are all but fully realized by the fact that the Serbian military is presently mobilized. Large military contingents have been reported by FRN’s correspondent moving in a southerly direction along E-761 towards the Kosovo region of Serbia. 

See FRN’s reportage from earlier August 6th, when the groundwork for today’s move by the US proxy Pristina ‘government’ was made.



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