Daniel Ortega tells the US ‘do not mess with Nicaragua’


Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has called on the United States to respect the country’s sovereignty and set aside its interventionist policies, local press reported on Thursday.

“What do we say to the United States of America? We say that if they want to help the Nicaraguan people, if they want to contribute to peace, the best they can do is not get involved with Nicaragua, respect Nicaragua,” said the president in a speech, published in its entirety on TN8 channel website.

The president made his speech at the close of a walk for peace in the country. Ortega said that “interventionist policies, what they cause is more pain, more suffering in Nicaraguan families.”

“So we tell the US governors, we tell the US Congressmen, we tell him that if they want to contribute to the peace of Nicaragua, that they respect Nicaragua as a sovereign nation, as a nation worthy, as a nation, like any nation in the world, deserves respect and you must respect,” he said.

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On September 5, at a United Nations Security Council session to analyze the situation in Nicaragua, US ambassador Nikki Haley said the Latin American country “is following the path of Syria and Venezuela.”

For four months, Nicaragua has been experiencing a crisis caused by a series of US-backed opposition protests that have led to violent clashes between protesters and security forces.

This comes as Nicaragua struggles to maintain its sovereignty outside the orbit of the American Empire. This is the same independence stance that Venezuela and Syria have also taken, which has mean both countries have faced US-backed destabilization, and in the case of Syria, a full blown imperialist war of aggression. Thus far, both Venezuela and Nicaragua have avoided their respective countries descending into a war like situation, despite similar models of media propaganda working the same way as it did to demonize Syria.

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