DESTABILIZATION PLOT: U.S Backed Belorussian Opposition is Importing ‘Nazism’ from Ukraine


The US has been involved in a long-term project to remove Lukashenko from power. This campaign goes back to even before the ramping up of the demonization of Putin, more than a decade, he’s been called ‘the last dictator in Europe’. As a member of the CSTO and Eurasian Union, the Russian Federation – which has a visa-free arrangement and something approaching a ‘union state’ – has tried establish  Minsk as the ‘neutral’ member of the former USSR or Warsaw Pact sphere.

This is why the Normandy Four format resulted in the agreement being signed in Minsk. Russia has therefore had mixed success in trying to establish Belarus as a ‘neutral state’. Ideally, Ukraine could fill such a role, and was a prime candidate for such, and in many ways represented that before the coup, despite its problems and flaws.

Belorussian opposition isn’t about a new election, or a change of government. They want to abolish the foundation of the state itself, and impose a new flag, the same flag used during Nazi occupation. It is a variant of the flag of Belarus when it was subordinate to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was also seen again between 91 and 95, the worst years, symbolizing western dominance again. The official flag today was reintroduced in 1995/96 by Lukashenko, and is a return to the Soviet era flag minus the hammer and sickle.

Opposition with their flags:


‘The danger of the spread of extremism in Belarus comes from Ukraine.’

Belarusian political scientist Alexander Shpakovsky said these words at the sixth plenary session of the conference HDIM-2018 in OSCE.

“The danger of the spread of extremism persists in view of the development of the conflict in Ukraine,” Shpakovsky said.

The political scientist noted that Ukrainian nationalist groups are actively agitating and recruiting, among the citizens of Belarus.

“First of all, we are talking about the shelf” Azov “of the National Guard of MIA of Ukraine, which is the emblem of” Wolf Hook “used as symbols SS Division” Das Reich “,” – Shpakovsky said.  At the same time, Belarusian opposition media are promoting, which “by a strange coincidence” are on the maintenance of the United States, Great Britain and Poland.

“We are talking about the Belsat TV channel and the Charter 97 web site. Using OSCE rostrum urge Western governments to stop funding the Nazi propaganda, and the Ukrainian government to clean the ranks of the MUP from those of Nazi beliefs “- Shpakovsky said.

He wrote in his Facebook that his representative was trying to interrupt the speech.

“I think that the position of the Canadian delegation is due to the fact that it was in this country that many Ukrainian war criminals took refuge after the war ended. It was in Canada that one of the main executioners of Khatyn, the machine-gunner of the 118th (Ukrainian) police battalion Katryuk, died of his death in Canada, whom the Canadian authorities at one time refused to extradite to the USSR. The influence of the Ukrainian diaspora on domestic political life in Canada is quite high, it is due to the means of the diaspora that paramilitary groups of nationalists receive fine equipment,” wrote Shpakovsky.

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