Energy agreements between Russia and China will not affect Europe, says Gazprom


Gazprom’s supply of gas to China will not affect supplies to Europe, the company’s chief export director Elena Burmistrova said on Monday.

Earlier, still in September, an official from the National Energy Administration of China (NEA) said that Beijing intends to increase gas imports from Russia and Kazakhstan in the near future. Also this month, the Russian company Rosneft and the Chinese Oil and Gas Corporation (CNPC) have agreed to increase cooperation in the area of ​​exploration and extraction.

“I would say that this will not affect our relationship with Europe, they have always been naturally our customers and also partners, geographically. We are lucky to be right in the middle. China is our new partner and we are happy that our project is finally in and that we can talk about new options. This will happen in different areas and I do not believe that this will affect our delivery to Europe in any way,” said Burmistrova.

In 2014, Gazprom and China’s CNPC signed an agreement covering the delivery of 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from Russia to the Chinese. The agreement stipulates the construction of an appropriate infrastructure for gas delivery.

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Next year, the two companies plan to sign a new agreement for the construction of a Western pipeline, known as Siberia Power 2. The pipeline is planned to supply the eastern route of the Siberia Power pipeline and will have the annual capacity to 30 billion cubic meters.

The Russian energy giant said earlier this month it has built 93 percent of the Siberian Power pipeline, part of an agreement between the Euraian giants of Russia and China.

“In the section of the Siberian Power pipeline from Yakutia to the border between Russia and China, 2,010 kilometers of pipes were connected and installed, which corresponds to 93% of the toral extension,” the statement said.

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