FLIPPING THE SCRIPT: Trump Accuses China of Interfering in Upcoming Elections [video]


Speaking at the UN Security Council during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, US President Donald Trump accused China of interfering in the upcoming elections to the US Congress. 

Trump appears to the flipping the script that Hillary Clinton used in her failed presidential campaign, wherein she accused then candidate Donald Trump of collusion with Russians at the official level, and that Russia was interfering in the outcome of the last election.

Trump has successfully made ‘China’ a code-word for ‘Clinton’, and in so doing, has accomplished the demagogic feat of smearing an internal opponent as working for foreign actors. In terms of the morality play, what is certain is that ‘Clinton did it first’. Trump continued;

“China is trying to intervene in our future elections in 2018, which will be held in November, against my administration,” 

According to him, Beijing thus intends to hamper the trade policy that Washington is currently pursuing.

“They do not want me or us to win, because I’m the first president who challenged China in trade … 

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We will win in trade, we win at all levels, we do not want them to interfere in our future elections,” Trump said.

Chinese diplomat Wang Yi replied quite reasonably to Trump: “We did not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. We refuse to accept any unfounded accusations against China.”

Earlier, Trump stated that Russia would actively intervene in the November 2018 elections to the US Congress to strengthen the position of the Democratic Party.

A few things are now clear. Originally, the detente between ‘red’ China and the US officiated on the US side by Nixon, was a geopolitical gambit to isolate the USSR and to ‘split’ the main countries of the so-called communist bloc. As business relations between the US and China increased, the US’s political elite became enmeshed in the Chinese. The Clintons were only among the more successful power brokers of this then decades old reality. Moving forward half a century later, we have the present situation in which the US encountered a strategic dead-end.

China and Russia moved closer together, despite the US continuing with its ‘Russia containment’ policy, even as the USSR was long collapsed. The US thought it could use its China ties to push against Russia further, but to no avail. The US ruling class is in all actuality, in no position to call these shots, but nevertheless must talk its book and must appeal to its elite base, and go through the motions of giving it the old college try.

Trump is involved in a doomed gambit to push Russia against China, but dangling rapprochement and an end to  both the embargo (Sanctions) system and US sponsored Salafist terrorism, over its head.


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