Former Ukrainian Minister: ‘If Russia didn’t have nukes, NATO would have reduced it to dust’


The former Ukrainian economy minister said that one could “reduce Russia to dust”. Political scientist Vladimir Kireev has expressed his opinion on why Ukrainian politicians allow themselves to make such aggressive statements.

Former Ukrainian economy minister Viktor Suslov says it is possible to “reduce Russia to dust” if the country does not have nuclear weapons. The politician made this statement in an interview with channel 112 Ukraine when he talked about the Vostok 2018 maneuvers.

According to the former minister, Russia’s military exercises are intended to prevent other countries from having military conflicts with it.

“If Russia were not a nuclear power, everything would have been solved in a much simpler way: NATO would have reduced Russia to dust a long time ago, so they demonstrate their muscles to show that this would hardly stand, at least, today,” Suslov said.

Without pointing to the counter-factual and a-historic nature of such a claim, this expert had the following to say. Political scientist Vladimir Kireev highlighted his unwarranted aggression.

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“I would like to draw attention to the aggressive nature of the statements of Ukrainian politicians, because on the part of Russia, the representatives of the country, there are no harsh and aggressive statements regarding Ukraine. At the level of the State administration system of Ukraine there is the desire to express this aggressiveness,” opines the analyst.

For him, it is incorrect to compare the relatively modest military capabilities of Ukraine with those of Russia, which are not equivalent: both the experience of the Russian military, the responsibility of the leaders are greater, and the potential of the Russian military industry cannot be compared with the Ukrainian.

“This is a question that arises: to what extent are such statements independent? Because they appear in the aftermath of statements by Western leaders, including those who want to attack Syria. This reveals that Ukrainian politicians do not act independently, and their words are part of the Western strategy to trigger a conflict with Russia,” said Vladimir Kireev.

Vostok 2018 maneuvers are taking place between 11 and 17 September in the Russian Far East region and adjacent Pacific waters. In addition to Russia’s land, sea and air forces, troops from China and Mongolia also participated in one of the exercises, giving an international character to the maneuvers.

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