George Ades: What if Russia Establishes a NO-FLY ZONE OVER ALL OF SYRIA Warning Israel, NATO, and Turkey?


By George Ades – SUPPOSING SUPPOSING…. What if Putin takes seriously the threat from the US and its minions that they would militarily respond to any attack on their favourite terrorists in Syria …with “unprecedented force….” , and after consultations with his military advisers he decides on the following course of action:

-Informs his Turkish “allies” that any violation of their agreement that leads to Turkish planes flying anywhere near the Syrian border, would result in their being shot down. That should deprive Erdogan of any temptation to deviate from the agreed terms.

-Warns his Israeli “colleagues” to keep their own airforce well clear of Syrian airspace as they risk being shot down too.

-Sends a whole pack of SU-35s and MIG-35s (let’s say 30 of each) to Syria that carry the appropriate unstoppable missiles (with the 2 ton warheads) that can sink aircraft carriers, and warns his western “colleagues” that any attempt to interfere with the operation to liberate Idlib from the terrorists will be responded to in kind.

-Applies in practice the “no-fly-zone over the British bases on Cyprus that the Brits complained about during the Russian exercise. That can effectively be done with a couple of S-400 batteries from the Syrian shores or with the S-300s on Russian ships in the Med, of which there are at least 25.

-Instead of the two submarines Russia is speculated to have in the area, they turn out to be about half a dozen. All quietly and patiently awaiting their orders.

That could make for a good deterrent that would take the wind out of the sails of the US, France’s mini Napoleon and the domestically embattled British PM who may or May not be the Premiere of her country come Christmas.


FRN Editor responds: Ades once again raises some brilliant points and lays out a number of things which could very well happen, in some form or other, whether or not less visible or more muted in execution. Points 2-5 all make a degree of sound sense. In our view, point 1, where there is actual military conflict between Turkey and Russia would seem to fit further into U.S plans to realign Turkey’s goals, back into the NATO-sphere, if there is any truth at all to the nominally true simulacrum that Turkey is somehow breaking out of NATO dominance and carving minimally some sort of sovereign course, that involves Ottoman reconquista or expansionism of a type. It would seem anyhow that such an agreement or understanding between Turkey and Russia regarding the undesirability of a military clash, already basically exists.

Rather, it’s possible that Turkey is engaged in horse trading for influence in post-War Syria, and rebuilding investment opportunities. China is really the only global economic engine which can save Turkey from its present predicament, headlines only one month ago entirely covered and promoted the Turkish economic collapse. Turkey cannot afford to work against Chinese interests if those interests of its allies are connected tightly in such a way to the outcome of the Syrian conflict. To what extent that’s hard to say.

Despite Turkey’s words at the UNSC, talking about the inevitable grave humanitarian situation that would arise, including ‘Mr. Erdogan’s letter’ recently published in western MSM outlets speaking to the same, when you have a ‘tricky’ player like Turkey, those tricks can go both ways. It’s not clear that Turkey is supporting the US in this endeavor, or that they are really straying from Astana. Rather they could be 1.) angling for their ‘share’ in Idlib’s economy and social sphere, and moreover, opportunity to have the same Chinese money that will be rebuilding Syria, go through Turkish middle-men and Turkish firms – construction, telecom, etc. – in post-War Syria led by the Ba’ath Party and Assad. And 2.) They could be playing the role of the false pillar of support, allowing on the one hand the US to project more unity and power around this subject that they tangibly have, which itself can be reified (springboarded) into real actual power (same as speculative economics), but when push comes to shove they will be the critical key player that suddenly flips (again) and does something more in line with Russian and Iranian interests.

The point here is that Turkey is showing some degree of being capable of making sovereign decisions. The pro-Russian alt-media sphere is divided on the role and purpose of Turkey in this ‘Great Game 2.0’ we find ourselves in, and Russian alt-media and its related figures themselves, have been a part of this simulacrum manufacturing. Sometimes this is to ‘push’ something less possible into the realm of possibility, other times it is to ‘show’ what is possible based upon ‘push polling’ type news, aspirational type news, as if what could be already is – then how mass publics and friendly and hostile institutions respond to this ‘push polling’ type news, works as a mine shaft canary or test balloon. – J. Flores

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