Head of Kharkov’s ATO veterans organization arrested for extortion

One extortionist shot by SBU during the arrest


From Novorosinform:

Chairman of the Union of ATO Veterans of Kharkov detained on suspicion of creating a gang of extortionists

The Kharkov Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the 31-year-old chairman of the Kharkov Union of Veterans of the ATO has been charged with extortion, the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office said on Friday, September 14.

In particular, they confirmed a charge under the article transferring someone else’s property with the threat of limiting the rights, freedoms, legitimate interests of the victim committed by a preliminary conspiracy by a group of persons.

According to the investigation, the punitive veteran invented a scheme of enrichment at the expense of developers. It is established that in June he, along with his friends, attacked gas station construction sites and damaged construction materials.

“After that, the suspect met with the representative of the site owner and demanded $50 thousand in exchange for the fact that he and his comrades would not interfere with further construction, convincing the representative of the businessman that in case of non-compliance, construction work at the gas stations will be forcibly stopped,” the report said.

It is noted that the extortionists soon reduced the amount to $ 30 thousand, and in mid-July, the representative gave them $ 10 thousand.

“On September 13, while transferring the remaining $ 20 thousand, the suspect was detained by law enforcement. The question of choosing a preventive measure is now being decided, the prosecutor’s office intends to demand detention under guard,” the department reported.
According to media reports, the suspect is the chairman of the Union of ATO Veterans Semenyuk, close to the Kharkov city government.

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In turn, the public organization Anticorruption Block of  ATO participants made an official statement condemning the actions of the suspects.

“Unfortunately, some of the brethren, ‘blinded by the thirst for profit, forgot about the oath, crossing the norms of morality, covered their shameful racket with UBD certificates, public activities and ‘patriotism,’ “the statement said.

Yesterday, the SBU officers shot a member of the ATO while arresting a gang of extortionists in Kharkov.

According to the investigation, a group of militants extorted money from the leading construction workers of entrepreneurs, under the cover of the local association of “veterans of ATU” SBU arrested two suspects during the transfer of money.

Earlier, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov announced the detention of ex-head of the company of the Ukrainian National Police “Eastern Corps” Shiryaeva. Law enforcers will inform the militant about suspicion of involvement in the raider seizure of the elevator in the Kharkiv region.

A few hours later, Shiryaeva was taken to the office of the National Police of Ukraine.

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