Head of the Munich Security Conference: ‘Peace only with, not against Russia’


The chairman of one of the major European security forums has set out his vision on how the EU should change its approach to foreign policy in the context of recent changes in international relations, such as the growing number of conflicts and tense relations with Russia.

The head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger has published an article in the German newspaper Bild on the current state of international affairs and the changes the EU needs to take to adapt to the new situation.

According to Ischinger, the world has become a less stable place and is involved in crises and conflicts. At the same time, the EU is gradually losing US support.

The president of the Munich Security Conference suggested several steps the EU could take in the current situation.

He proposed a two-pronged strategy in relations with Russia – to have “as much dialogue as possible and as much defense as necessary.” Ischinger emphasized the need to “keep the door open” for Moscow and added that “peace or security is only possible with Russia.”

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In addition, he recommended limiting the veto rights of EU countries in discussing the bloc’s foreign policy. The official noted that when any EU country can veto a decision related to foreign policy. Ischinger also supports the idea of ​​creating an EU army to reduce dependence on the US. He added that Germany should no longer turn a blind eye to conflicts to the east and south of the EU borders and that Europe should actively engage with them.

The report was released amid growing security concerns in Europe caused by uncontrolled migration to the EU, which began in 2015 and supposedly allowed many extremists to enter the Schengen area undetected. Another point of concern for Brussels is Moscow, which the EU accuses of starting the conflict in eastern Ukraine and a military concentration on its western borders.

Relations between NATO members and Russia have since deteriorated. Moscow denied the allegations and noted that it was tightening its borders to prevent the Ukrainian conflict from spilling over into its territory.

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