How does Fox News help the Pentagon attack Iran and Hezbollah in Syria?


Western intelligence services believe that Iran is illegally selling weapons to Lebanon, particularly to the Hezbollah movement, according to Fox News, quoting sources.

According to the channel , the Iranian airline Fars Air Qeshm has held two “rare and unusual” flights from Tehran to Beirut in the last two months. The first took place on July 9, when a plane took off from the airbase in Tehran, made a quick stopover at Damascus airport and then headed to the Lebanese capital’s airport for an “unusual route”, ie it flew through northern parts of Lebanon.

“The Iranians are trying to come up with new ways and routes to smuggle weapons from Iran to its allies in the Middle East, testing and defying the West’s abilities to track them down,” a source told Fox News.

Seyyed Hadi Afghahi, an Iranian political scientist and former Iranian diplomat in Lebanon, commented on the situation.

He recalled that Fox News is funded by the Pentagon, while the key positions of the entity are occupied by the American Zionist lobby, which receives direct orders from Tel Aviv.

“In addition, the question arises why the Fox News channel cites in its statements ‘Western intelligence services’ without naming any of them … Such a cover-up says everything. They should have provided documents or pointed to reliable sources who could verify the words of the channel,” said the analyst.

He pointed out that this is not the first time Fox News has broadcast a farce, since “such content, unproven by any documents, can not be perceived as being true.”

According to the expert, it is more important to understand what goals the channel pursues by making one more unfounded accusation against Iran and the Hezbollah movement.

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Seyyed Hadi Afghahi believes that the reason lies in the events in the jihadist-held Syrian province of Idlib. Iran and Hezbollah are helping Bashar Assad to crush the terrorists, being a spine in the throat of the US and Israel. Some legitimate pretexts are needed to “legitimately liquidate” Iran and Hezbollah. In this situation Fox News is a good informational tool.

“The approaching start of the Idlib liberation operation in northwestern Syria, where terrorist formations are still operating and even the Turkish army, is causing discontent among some parties who want to prevent such a liberation operation,” he said.

“They are, in the first place, the United States, which uses its informational, strategic, military and political resources to make amusements. In addition, the US has officially threatened that if the Syrian army acts together with its allies, Iran and Hezbollah, tensions in the region will increase, thus increasing the number of casualties, and the Syrian army may even use chemical weapons. In this situation, the US will carry out missile attacks against targets in Syria,” said the analyst.

According to him, the US is worried that the laurels of victory over terrorism in Syria will be received by the Syrian government and its allies: Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, not the United States.

“This is a big disappointment for the US and its allies, so they are setting the stage for this not to happen by using pressure levers, including shaking the informational field with false news,” the analyst said.

According to him, the presence of Iran and Hezbollah threatens the US military illegally positioned in Syria and on the border its ally – Israel.

“So there is a game in the game that can give a green light to the start of the missile strike against Iranian military and Hezbollah fighters. Since the US information tool [Fox News] is actively helping to achieve this goal by producing false news,” said the analyst.

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