IL-20 DOWNING: ‘Israel Does Not Care About Anything But its Interests’,


While the Russian Ministry of Defense presents detailed information on what happened to the Russian Il-20 aircraft in Syria on September 17, Tel Aviv continues to deny its guilt over the incident.

According to the Egyptian military expert, Adil Suleiman, the real reason for the slaughter is that Israel “is guided only by interests of its military predominance in the region.”

According to the retired general, the tragedy was also triggered by the lack of coordination between the two parties at the operational and tactical levels. “This was not taken completely seriously, especially from the Israeli side,” he claimed.

“Israel does not care about anything but its interests, especially when it comes to military operations. It is not willing to suffer military losses or appear weak… Israel is not interested in who is on the opposite side, or the Syrian side that is being equipping with modern Russian armaments,” believes Suleiman.

Thus, he says, the country believes that “it can solve any problem” with only excuses or sending its military leaders to the other country with the purpose of clarifying its position.

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“It [Israel] is accustomed to this and considers himself capable of regularizing such cases,” he said.

During the series of meetings with his Russian counterparts in Moscow, the military delegation headed by Israeli Air Force commander Amikam Norkin tried to prove his non-involvement in the tragic accident that killed 15 Russian military personnel and which, according to the Russian ministry, “lack of professionalism” or “criminal negligence” on the part of Israeli pilots.

In addition, Suleiman notes, Il-20’s destruction also “indicates the fact that the coordination was not at an adequate level of professionalism,” while the incident itself could have been prevented with “a high level of coordination and communication.”

“This does not relieve the Israeli side of responsibility... However, coordination is necessary, especially considering that the Syrian problem is very complex and there are many international players in the arena, such as Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iran and others” , summarized the general.

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