IMMINENT: Russia to Install TWO MORE S-400 Regiments in Crimea, According to Source


The fourth regiment of S-400 missile systems will soon be deployed near Jankoy in the Crimea, reports the media.

In the region of Eupatoria, in the Crimea, the third regiment of S-400 was activated. Shortly afterwards, information emerged that the fourth regiment is planned to be installed in Jankoy. The four regiments will serve to ensure the security of the Russian air border in the Crimea. It was pointed out that in January 2017, in Teodosia, and in January 2018, in Sevastopol, two other regiments were installed, according to a spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet.

All S-400s positioned in Eupatoria, Theodosia, Sevastopol and Jankoy will be protected by Pantsir-S1 short-range systems. However, they have as their main function to protect the air space from mass air attacks.

However, according to the co-ordinator, “information about the installation of the fourth regiment of the S-400 system at Jankoy is false.”

The advanced S-400 Triumph air defense system is capable of destroying aerial targets with stealth technology, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, including mid-range missiles as well as ground targets. The S-400’s early detection radar ensures a detection range of 600km and can reach targets at a distance of 400km and 30km in height.

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This comes as despite the US displeasure, India reiterated weeks ago to the American side at a ministerial meeting that it will not give up on the purchase of Russian S-400 systems, according to Indian media.

According to Indian government sources quoted by the channel, New Delhi almost completed the agreement with Russia to buy the S-400 missile defense system, will not give up and intends to make the US administration not introduce sanctions against the country.

Earlier, the intention to buy the Russian anti-aircraft systems was confirmed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even some countries “being concerned about it.”

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