IN DEPTH: Latest on Skripal Poisoning -The UK Government’s Lies

By Ian Shilling


By Ian Shilling

We 100% know the UK government are telling massive lies about the Skripal poisonings and the official narrative is full of massive holes.

The UK government is lying to ramp up conflict with Russia and demonize Putin.

The Skripal’s were NOT poisoned by “military grade” Novichok nerve agent “smeared on their front door handle”.
Organo-Phosphate nerve agents kill within 2 or 3 minutes if inhaled and within 20 minutes maximum if absorbed through the skin.
Novichok is reported to be 5 to 10 times more deadly than VX nerve agent and only a tiny amount would be enough to kill someone.

Yet the Skripals wandered around Salisbury for over 3 hours unharmed, after the alleged poisoning took place.
And then despite having different metabolic rates, both the Skripals collapsed at exactly the same time on the park bench just after 4pm.
There wasn’t even enough time for one of them to call the Emergency Services for help, before the second one collapsed.

The above official scenario is impossible.
Whatever happened to the Skripals, happened at or near the park bench where they were found collapsed at just after 4pm.

The Alleged Russian Poisoners
The latest allegations against the two Russians are just red herrings.
According to the Police’s own account the Russians caught a train back to London around 2pm on Sunday, so they could not have poisoned the Skripals at or near the park bench around 4pm.

The Russians made no attempt to hide their movements, in fact they did the exact opposite.

They flew directly from and to Moscow, instead of taking a more circuitous route via a third country – e.g. via one of the Baltic States or via Switzerland, or catching a ferry from France or Belgium where customs and passport checks would have been less rigorous.

If I was a “trained GRU agent” on an assassination mission, I would have driven across the border to say Estonia, caught a plane to say Brussels or Paris and taken the ferry or Eurostar train to England.
I would then have picked up a nondescript car provided for me by other Russian agents who were already in the UK.

I would have traveled on false passports from an EU country – and definitely not used Russian ones.
Why didn’t “highly disciplined trained GRU assassins” do something like this?
If these guys were spies or assassins, they are the worst spies and assassins in history.

They ensured that their faces were plastered all over multiple CCTV cameras by using public transport.
They stood in front of railway timetable boards – why not look at the board from a distance to the side behind some cover, or access the latest train information from a throwaway pay as you go mobile phone?

They walked right past a Shell petrol station entrance on Wilton Road. Why didn’t they avoid its CCTV camera by simply crossing over to the other side of the road?
They were on the wrong side of the road to get to the Skripal’s house – why didn’t they cross over beforehand?

The Russians wandered around Salisbury for an hour after they are alleged to have smeared “military grade Novichok” on Sergei Skripal’s “front door handle” in broad daylight and in plain sight of multiple suburban neighbors at just after noon.

Why didn’t the Russians get the hell out of Dodge and catch the first train out of Salisbury?

Why did they walk right past the train station to allegedly dump the alleged perfume bottle in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, instead of dumping it down a nearby drain or in the river?


Why did the two Russians ensure they were caught on even more CCTV cameras by going window shopping in Salisbury after committing the alleged poisoning?
The whole thing is patently absurd – see video.

These are not the actions or behavior of “trained GRU assassins”.

And seriously, why are “highly trained Russian assassins” relying on the notoriously inefficient UK’s Sunday rail service, which could also have been affected by the recent bad snowstorms, to carry out a highly secret mission intended to carry out a murder?

If these guys were really trained Russian government assassins why didn’t they smear the poison on Sergei Skripal’s front door handle during Saturday night, when they’d be far less likely to be seen?
Or smear it on his car door handle?
Or just knife him and make it look like a mugging?
Or make him die of a heart attack?
Or a hundred other ways that wouldn’t enable the UK government to point the finger so easily at Russia?
(N.B. I don’t believe the Skripal’s were poisoned with Novichok at all, because otherwise they would both be dead.)

The only thing that actually connects these two Russians with the Skripal poisonings is the Novichok allegedly found on swabs taken from their hotel room on May 4th.

But this Novichok finding could not be repeated when the Police went back to do a more thorough search a short time later.

The Novichok could have been planted in the hotel room at any time between March 4th and May 4th.
Alternatively the samples taken from the hotel room could have been doctored, or there could have been cross contamination (only trace amounts were claimed to have been found), or something nefarious could have been done by whoever tested the samples.

Any competent lawyer would get this “evidence” thrown out of court.
But the UK government does not expect the weak circumstantial case against these two Russians to ever see the light of day in a trial.

In fact they are 100% relying on their ridiculous allegations and obviously false claims about the whole Skripal affair not being debunked, which would definitely be the case if they were ever subjected to adversarial questioning in open court.

The claims of the two Russians that they went to Salisbury merely for Tourism are not believable either.
If they wanted to see Salisbury Cathedral or Stonehenge why didn’t they go in the summer or late Spring and not in the middle of a snowstorm?

Any traveler will check the weather forecast beforehand, if only to see what clothes they should wear or pack and the “Beast from the East” was forecast some days before it hit England.

If they wanted to see Salisbury Cathedral why did they walk in the opposite direction, away from the Touristy areas, along Wilton Road?

The Russians won’t say how they make their living. They have only volunteered they are in the “Fitness Industry”. So they don’t have regular jobs with a regular company (or they would have presumably said so to improve their alibi).
If they were up to some overtly criminal activity they would have done a better job of hiding their movements.

So the best conclusion I can draw is that the Russians were up to some kind of dubious or dodgy or embarrassing activity, which they don’t want to tell people about.
Selling dodgy “Health supplements”, Steroids or other Body Building drugs would fit the bill, but is pure speculation without further evidence.

The Russians are also ideal candidates to be set up as patsies by MI6 or whoever actually poisoned the Skripals.

Someone else has come to the same conclusion:-


The Motive 

The Skripal poisoning is an obvious set up.

Why would Russian government assassins want to murder Sergei Skripal at the worst possible time for Russia – just before Russian elections and risk damaging the upcoming prestigious World Cup which Russia and Putin wanted to be a resounding success?

Why would the Russian government risk a Western boycott or postponement or transfer of the World Cup, which Boris Johnson actually pushed for, but didn’t get any traction?

Why would Russian government assassins want to murder Sergei Skripal at the most opportune time for Theresa May’s UK government?
When Theresa May is well down in the opinion polls and there are local elections coming up.
When Theresa May is embroiled in extremely bad publicity for her disastrous Brexit “negotiations” which she set out to sabotage from the very beginning?
When Theresa May and the Neocons are trying to cause trouble any which way they can for Putin and Russia, just before Russian elections and the upcoming prestigious World Cup in the summer?

Why would the Russian government want to murder a nondescript former spy who they had already released in a spy swap years ago, when Theresa May would undoubtedly use it for a rabid propaganda campaign against Russia?
Which would be played up to the max in the the UK’s sycophantic, lapdog, unquestioning War Propaganda mainstream media? (See Iraq’s non-existent WMDs and the push for war in 2002.)
Which they would use to smear her domestic opponents who were not rabid Neocon warmongers, as being “soft on Russia” or “Kremlin puppets” and further exacerbate the split between the Neocon Warmongering Blairites and Jeremy Corbyn supporters within the Labour Party?
When the Russian government is trying to cultivate opinion within the EU for better relations with Russia and for the EU to oppose Russian sanctions?
When the Neocons and the War Industry in the US are trying to prevent Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise of improving relations with Russia?

The UK government is claiming that Putin tried to murder the Skripals to “send a message” to his political opponents.
If that were true, why didn’t Putin murder someone in Russia?
Or if he was trying to send a message to crooked ex-pat Russian Oligarchs not to launder cash abroad or not to oppose him from abroad, why didn’t Putin murder one of these crooked money laundering / tax evading anti Putin Oligarchs (or one of their senior henchmen), or simply charge them with a crime?
If Putin wanted to “send a message” why did he send his message at the most inconvenient time for him in a way that was guaranteed to provoke the worst possible backlash?


Previous Major Flaws in the UK Government’s Official Narrative

As above, the UK government is claiming that the Skripals were poisoned with “military grade” Novichok nerve agent “smeared on their front door handle” but then wandered around Salisbury for 3 plus hours unharmed before collapsing at exactly the same time on the park bench.
This story is nonsensical on its face.

The Skripals were initially treated for Fentanyl poisoning for at least the first 24 hours by the medical staff in Salisbury, yet both survived being poisoned by the “most lethal Nerve Agent” yet known to man.

NHS Consultant for Emergency Medicine at Salisbury District Hospital, Stephen Davies, reported that no patients were treated for Nerve Agent poisoning.
Three people (presumably Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal and Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey) were treated for other poisoning.

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The Skripals switched their mobile phone GPS trackers off between approximately 9am and 1pm the day they were allegedly poisoned.

No explanation has been offered as to why they did this, what they did during this time or who they met.
The Police must have asked the Skripals about this, as the Skripals are both still alive, but yet the Police refuse to reveal anything they know about this huge gap in the timeline.

Link to the London Times article

In her pre-scripted statement for Reuters, Yulia Skripal said she was looking forward to returning home to Russia.
Why would she want to return to Russia if she thought that Putin had poisoned her or her father?
Answer: She wouldn’t.

Yulia Skripal’s statement sounds like it was written by a native English speaker with strong Establishment overtones.
It contains phrases that no native Russian speaker would say.
Someone from MI5/MI6 or Whitehall probably wrote it and asked Yulia to read it.

Also in this pre-scripted edited video tape from Reuters recorded around May 20th, Yulia Skripal looks like she’s spent a month at a health spa, rather than spent weeks in a coma in a near death experience.
Why isn’t Novichok the new number one selling Cosmetic rejuvenation cream if this is what it does to your looks?


Nothing has been heard of from Yulia Skripal in the last 4 months and she is presumably still being held incommunicado at a secret location by the UK government.
Yulia hasn’t contacted her cousin Viktoria or her grandmother to talk about how or why she was allegedly poisoned and nearly murdered.
Yulia also reportedly has a boyfriend or fiance in Russia.
Yet neither Yulia nor Sergei have contacted any of their relatives or friends in Russia to assure them they are ok.

Nothing at all has been heard from Sergei Skripal since he was allegedly poisoned on March 4th.
Why hasn’t he given any press interviews?
What is the UK government trying to hide?

If Sergei Skripal believed that Putin or someone from the Russian government tried to poison him (or even if he didn’t believe it but was willing to say it), the UK government would have wheeled him out in front of the TV cameras before you could say “Jack Shit”.
The fact that this hasn’t happened even several months after his release from hospital, means that Sergei Skripal doesn’t believe the Russian government did it.

There are numerous witness reports of the Skripals feeding the ducks shortly after parking their car in the Maltings at 1:40pm.
There are also reports of them giving some of their bread to some young boys and one of them eating some of it.
If the Skripals had just been poisoned by deadly Novichok on their hands, why are there no dead ducks and no dead young boys?
Feeding the ducks is totally missing from the official Police timeline.

Rob Slane from The Blog Mire has an excellent report on this and other enormous holes in the official plot line – please take the time to read it and his other related articles

Sergei Skripal’s BMW car was seen on CCTV at 9:15am on London Road and Wilton Road.
But it is not at all clear whether the Skripals were going out or returning home at this time.
The Police haven’t issued any statements to clarify this, but must know.

There is no evidence to show that the Skripals returned home between the hours of 9:15am and when they parked their car in the Maltings at 1:40pm.
N.B. Devizes Road where Sergei Skripal’s car was seen on CCTV at 1:30pm is the A360 on the above map.

In order for the Skripals to have been poisoned by the Russians, they must either have been home at the time of the poisoning or returned home after the poisoning which allegedly occurred at, or soon after, 12:10pm.

If the Skripals were already home before 12:10pm why did they still have their mobile phones switched off?
Would the Russians have really attempted to smear poison on the front door handle, if Sergei’s car was in the driveway and he had an office looking straight down the street of Christie Miller Road?
The risk of Sergei Skripal seeing the Russians and calling the Police, or his MI6 handler Pablo Miller, or his Special Branch assigned shadow, would have been enormous.

If the Skripal’s returned home at some point between 12:10pm and 1:30pm why haven’t the Police got witness reports to that effect from some of the neighbors? They must have done a door-to-door.

The Police must have asked the Skripals about their movements that morning, so if the Skripals returned home between approximately 12:10pm and 1:30pm, why isn’t this in the official Police timeline?

The mysterious Red Bag
A couple with a Red Bag were pictured on CCTV at 3:47pm walking in the Maltings, shortly before the Skripals collapsed, and were reported by the Police as persons they wanted to interview.
A similar red bag was reported on the ground at the park bench where the Skripals had collapsed.
Have this mysterious couple been ruled out of Police enquiries?
Did the red bag contain whatever caused the Skripals to fall ill at the park bench?

Note the police who came to examine the scene around the park bench on Sunday evening were not wearing any protective clothing and none of them became ill as a result of examining the scene.
Neither were the paramedics who arrived in the ambulance to treat the Skripals wearing any special protective clothing.
Neither did any members of the public who were reported helping the Skripals after they collapsed at the park bench become ill.

The police assigned to guard Sergei Skripal’s house were not worried about being poisoned by Novichok – see picture from March 7th.
This is before the UK government’s official narrative said the source of the poison was Sergei Skripal’s front door and not something else like Sergei’s car, Yulia’s luggage or a Russian cereal packet.

The subsequent scenes of people wearing full Hazmat suits was purely for theatrical purposes only.
The UK authorities were not worried about anyone being poisoned by Novichok, hence the advice to Salisbury residents to put their clothes in the washer and wipe down their phones with baby wipes!

Charlie Rowley, Dawn Sturgess and the mysterious Nina Ricci perfume bottle
Charlie Rowley’s narrative of events of how he and Dawn Sturgess became ill is a complete load of Bullshit.
Charlie Rowley said:-
He spilt some of the contents of the bottle on his hands when he was inserting the nozzle – in which case he’d almost immediately be dead if it it contained Novichok, through breathing the vapor and from getting it on his skin.
He gave the perfume bottle to Dawn Sturgess, even though the contents were oily and “didn’t smell of perfume”. Why would you give a dodgy perfume bottle to your girlfriend if the contents didn’t smell of perfume?
Who opens a bottle of perfume before giving it to their girlfriend? Part of the pleasure of receiving  a gift like this is unwrapping the original packaging.
Dawn Sturgess liberally sprayed the contents on her wrists in which case she would almost immediately be dead inside the front room of the house and not falling ill in the bathroom and dying days later.
Charlie Rowley would also be dead (for a second time) inside the house from inhaling the vapors when Dawn Sturgess sprayed the contents of the bottle on her wrists.

Charlie Rowley said that the perfume bottle “shattered in his hands”. So how come it was found by the police on the kitchen top, one day AFTER they had searched the contents of his bins?

If your girlfriend had just collapsed after spraying the contents of a thrown away perfume bottle on her wrists and you had got some of the stuff on you, would you not want to be checked by medical staff in case you were also in danger?
Would you not bother going to the hospital with her?
Would you call up your mate instead and go and get something to eat in town and pick up your latest methadone prescription from the local pharmacy?

What is not mentioned in the mainstream media is that Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess were both drug addicts.
The likely cause of them both becoming ill, is a drugs overdose – possibly from Fentanyl spiked heroin.

Thread on Charlie Rowley’s ITV interview (including the interview)

Charlie Rowley looks remarkably well, like he’s just been for a 2 week holiday in the Mediterranean, he doesn’t look like he’s just suffered a near death experience and been in a coma for weeks.

Possible sequence of events surrounding the Amesbury poisoning. This version of events (or something similar) is credible. We know Charlie Rowley’s version of events in his ITV interview is completely impossible.
N.B. I don’t believe any Novichok was involved. The most likely cause of Dawn Sturgess’s death and Charlie Rowley falling ill, is Fentanyl laced heroin.

Warnings were issued by doctors in local papers about Fentanyl laced heroin being a problem in Wiltshire – see this from January.

Suspects for the Skripal Poisoning

Note, if Theresa May or MI5/MI6 did not poison the Skripal’s they are covering up who did, or the whole thing is a hoax.

The principal suspects for the Skripal poisoning remain:-
1. Theresa May & MI5/MI6
2. CIA
3. Cronies of Christopher Steele covering up the provenance of his Fake Dossier.
Sergei Skripal might have been involved in some way with producing the Fake Dossier, through his contacts with his MI6 handler Pablo Miller who worked for Chris Steele’s Orbis Intelligence.
4. Russian Mafia (Skripal may have been involved in investigating Russian criminal gangs, or may have been involved in criminal activity with Russians).
5. Crooked Russian Oligarch making trouble for Putin
6. Ukraine government

Previous Evidence:-

The Fentanyl Cover Up in the Skripal Poisoning Case

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