Published on: Sep 29, 2018 @ 23:40 – FRN earlier today reported breaking news that the Serbian military has been placed on a war footing, its highest level of combat readiness. FRN reported that Serbian military convoys were reported by FRN correspondents in central Serbia. Serbian President Vucic made this order, as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, in response to the seizure of a semi-autonomous Serbian settlement within the US-NATO occupied Serbian region of Kosovo.

This report will give some historical background, both immediate and going back several decades. For readers now learning about the situation in Serbia, regarding Kosovo, FRN hopes the following section will bring some clarity. FRN is uniquely based in Belgrade, the crossroads of east and west, and one of the spying and espionage capitals of the world. It is also one of the central hubs of the US deep state’s human trafficking network, known colloquially, if perhaps incorrectly, as ‘PizzaGate’. The role of US occupational forces in Serbia and its connection to the US deep state’s human trafficking network must all come to light as focus now draws upon Serbia, as outright war draws close.

At this point it is important for the anti-imperialist movement, including whatever is ‘left’ of the so-called ‘left’, to get past whatever naive empiricism or narrow materialist framework it relies on, and understand the esoteric, occult, and ‘conspiratorial’ nature of the Western project against Serbia, which dates back not only to the Nazis but also to the Vatican and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. While this involves themes of capitalism, imperialism, and so on, it goes well beyond the contemporary ‘Marxist’ or ‘progressive’ understanding of that phenomenon. In fact, remaining in that framework will prove ultimately a hindrance to fully understanding what is going on. At the pinnacle of US, Atlanticist power, ‘ultimate power’ is expressed through the ritualized occult practice of RTK – Rape, Torture, Kill. Whether or not this practice confers any ‘special abilities’ onto its practitioners is a spiritual and religious question outside of the scope of this report. FRN’s parent organization, CSS, in its study of religion, esoterica and occultism, and in consultation with Sheikh Imran Hossein and Alexandr Dugin, has reason to believe it may. What is important, however, is that its believed to be true by those at the top of the A5+I’s political and economic elite structures. This includes military, finance, and entertainment. The A5+I is the Five Eyes (Anglo 5 – US, UK, NZ, CDN, AUS, plus Israel).

In short, the coming war, or very minimally ‘militarized stand-off’, between Russia-backed Serbia, and NATO backed Bosnia, Croatia, and Albania (foes on all sides), is not only a geopolitical confrontation of the highest order, which potentiates a world-war at a greater risk than even the wars in either Syria or Ukraine, but it is also the first geostrategic and geopolitical conflict against pedophelia, ritualized killing and torture, human trafficking and white slavery, and organ trafficking. It is the collision of materialist geopolitics and grand-strategy, with the subject of the ‘satanic’ occult practices of the Atlanticist elites.

With tensions now skyrocketing in the Balkans leading towards a likely war, as FRN’s parent organization, CSS, has forecasted and projected for the past five years, it is now an appropriate time for FRN readers to better understand the nature of CSS’s work. Please take a moment to consider reading this link here, and perhaps making a necessary sustained pledge to our project:



All of these developments surround events FRN has been following since 2014, with its most recent development at the start of August 2018, which we covered. This same location was previously seized by KFOR forces, who laid the framework for today’s seizure directly by so-called ‘Kosovar’ forces. ‘Kosovar’ is a term invented in the late 90’s by CNN to describe Albanians in the Serbian region of Kosovo – referring to them as Albanians would perhaps create a picture of the actual developments taking place which falls outside of the Western/NATO narrative. In reality, it is part of a ‘Greater Albanian’ strategy, which mirrors the settler-colonialism and chauvinism of Israeli settlers and the Yinon Plan, in more ways than one.

The reader will come to understand the connections between the Russian campaign in the Balkans, against western Atlanticism on the practical, materialist, and also esoteric level.

For further background relating directly to today’s development, on August 6th, FRN reported:




Yugoslavia, under communist leadership of Tito, invited impoverished Albanians living under the ‘bunker building’ and so-called ‘anti-revisionist’ pro-Mao communist leadership of Hoxha, to populate Kosovo. The idea here may have been to demonstrate to Albanians that governance under Tito’s Yugoslavia would be better than governance under Hoxha’s Albania – perhaps a long term goal to create pro-Yugoslav sentiments among Albanians in the event that Albania were to come under Yugoslavian governance, as the two communist states were rivals. This plan ‘worked’ insofar as Kosovo became a region of high investment from Belgrade, and hundreds of thousands of Albanians migrated to the Kosovo region of Serbia, which created the foundation for the present demographic imbalance which made the later US backed ‘independence gambit’ on the part of Kosovo entirely possible decades later, once NATO determined to dismantle Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. This culminated in the NATO bombing of Belgrade for three months in 1999, which stopped only once then head of the FSB and de facto leader of Russia, Putin – acting while Yeltsin was in a liquor induced semi-slumber – ordered the Russian army to land at Pristina, nearly having a shoot-out with US forces, and then moved north to Belgrade, after which the US refused to bomb Russian positions in Belgrade, Russia being a nuclear power then as it is now.

Serbia is the only country in the Balkans, and one of the few countries in all of Europe, which is neither a member nor ally of NATO, nor a member of the EU. Bosnia & Herzegovina is not a NATO member, but it is a close ally, with NATO military advisers already integrated into the armed forces of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, which excludes the autonomous Serbian part of the country called ‘Republika Srpska’ (Serbian Republic). This is not to be confused with the Republic of Serbia, of which Kosovo is a constituent part, and with its capital in Belgrade.


Kosovo is presently occupied by the United States and NATO forces under the banner ‘KFOR’, or Kosovo Force. The country of Albania is the primary regional country which also promotes and supports many elements of the Kosovo project, as Kosovo has, over the course of time of ethnic cleansing of Serbs, become a predominantly Albanian populated region of Serbia.  Corruption and mismanagement of Kosovo under US-Albanian leadership, has led to a state of further destitution among Albanians, who have the highest birth-rate in the region, and this poverty then becomes a reason to utilize their Serbian citizenship to colonize further areas of southern Serbia. It appears to many experts as a contrived vicious cycle, and part of a planned ‘Greater Albania’ project.

Some countries recognize Kosovo mostly NATO and allies, and others do not. Kosovo is not recognized by the UN and does not have a seat as a member state. Also significantly, Russia, India, Syria, Brazil, Iran, Spain and China do not recognize the illegal separation of Kosovo under US occupation, from Serbia. It is, by most international legal standards, occupied Serbian territory.


The Balkans are an historic area of instability and where prior to the conflict in Ukraine, the last major war in Europe took place throughout the 1990’s. The parent organization of FRN, CSS – the Center for Syncretic Studies, of which the journalist who covered the breaking story serves as legal counsel, was founded in part on the forecast that a major conflict in this decade would take place in the central and west Balkans chiefly involving the status of Serbia as the ‘lone-star state’, neither NATO ally, nor EU. 

Kosovo is a region of Serbia, in the south, which for historical reasons explained later below, wound up with a larger Albanian demographic balance over Serbian. In the 1990’s the US and NATO led a campaign to destroy Yugoslavia, and break it up into the countries that exist today: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

However, as a result of the Dayton Accord, struck at a time when the ethnic Serbian dominated army of Yugoslavia had the upper-hand, within Bosnia & Herzegovina, an autonomous ‘republic’ was established called ‘Republika Srpska’, with its de facto capital, Banja Luka. This relatively decent outcome for Serbia occurred prior to the Monica Lewinski scandal. As an aside, you’ll note in the map right below, that the whole country is called the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the formerly Muslim & Croat Federation is called the ‘Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is somewhat confusing, because naming conventions would seem to indicate that the entire state, which is established as two federal republics, would be the ‘Federation’, consisting of both the ‘Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina’ and ‘Republika Srpska’, but no. It’s the other way around. It’s also confusing to some that there are essentially two Serbias. The Republic of Serbia with its capital in Belgrade, and the Republika Srpska (translated, Serbian Republic), with its de facto capital of Banja Luka. The status of B&H, as FRN has consistently reported is another very hot situation, which will absolutely be brought into the limelight once again as tensions with Albania continue to rise. B&H, minus Republika Srpska, will no doubt join Croatia and Albania in an all out war against a Russia-backed Serbia. Republika Srpka will, as things heat up, have a referendum to join Serbia. A test run referendum was held last year, with 98% voting to ‘recognize Belgrade’s independence day as their own holiday’ – a code for ‘referendum on joining Belgrade. In 2014, Sergei Lavrov said publicly that if the Atlanticist powers push to make B&H a unitary, centralized state, and strip Banja Luka of its autonomous status, then Russia would support all democratic referendum mechanisms for Banja Luka to declare full independence. This would in all probability result in it joining with Belgrade.



With regard back to the explanation of the 1999 bombing of Belgrade and occupation of Kosovo, many experts now believe it was created in part by Hillary Clinton and her political mentor Madeleine Albright. The scandal forced the generally war-reluctant Bill Clinton to ‘wag the dog’ and declare war on Serbia. Without digressing, the deep history of this part of the story should be investigated further by FRN readers. In short, Albright’s Jewish family was saved by Yugoslavia during the holocaust, and Albright apparently was unhappy with her brief time in Serbia as a small child. As a 4 foot 8 inch dwarf, who suffers obesity in addition, it is possible that she came to resent the very Serbs who saved her family on a very base, primordial level. This will make sense for those familiar with the physical attributes of Serbs. Here is a video clip of her encounter with a Serbian activist, upset with her war mongering and involvement in human trafficking networks. You can hear her lovely remark at about the 1 minute mark. ”Disgusting Serbs!”. It is commonplace for abusers and exploiters to hold their victims in low regard, it is part of the justifying ideological framework, and mirrors attitudes towards Africans in the U.S during the time of chattel slavery and later Jim Crow.



Albright today co-owns a telecom company in occupied Kosovo, and is therefore in bed with the pretend ‘Kosovo PM’ Hashim Thaci. Why he is essentially problematic is explained below. This gets into the next part of the division of Yugoslavia, where Serbia itself begins to be dismembered by the NATO cabal.


In 1999, the US directly bombed Belgrade for three months, killing possibly tens of thousands of Serbian civilians as they slept at night. At the same time, the US occupied the south-Serbian region of Kosovo. Then, the US installed a puppet ethnic Albanian government, composed of suspects of white slavery traffickers, drug traffickers, and human organ dealers, including the current so-called ‘PM’, Hashim Thaci. This is not a Serbian ‘nationalist myth’, but is in fact confirmed by the Council of Europe itself.

Even the Guardian, reported in 2010 that:

” Kosovo’s prime minister is the head of a “mafia-like” Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organised crime.

Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country’s government since.

The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.”

Serbia has one of the highest rates of missing/kidnapped children in the world. The official press tends to ignore this, or when pressed, these kidnappings are often blamed on Roma (Gypsies). While Roma may be involved at the ground level, the Clinton-Albright-Thaci human trafficking network deeply delves into the realm of so-called PizzaGate, and Albanian human trafficking. This is how several other renegade ‘pro-western’ Serbs, associated with the former US installed puppet government of the Democratic Party (Serbia), led by Zoran Đinđić, and others such as ‘Spirit-Cooker’ and Satanic witch, Marina Abramovich, as well as the renegade (anti) Serbian pedophile and snuff-porn artist, Biljana Djurdjevic, whose art adorns the walls of accused pedophile and PizzaGate co-ring leader, John Podesta, are all connected.  Here is a lovely sampling of her Satanic, pedophile-snuff porn ‘art’, in Podesta’s home collection. Besides the dead and sexually abused and tortured children, you’ll note the organ trafficking piece as well.



FRN is mainly based in Belgrade, Serbia, and its parent organization CSS has worked with the current president Vucic’s former political party, the Serbian Radical Party, led by Seselj, at the level of campaign strategy and consultation. CSS also worked on the international campaign to successfully release Seselj from The Hague with activists from France’s National Front. CSS has also co-hosted pro-Syria conferences with former Serbian Army General Delic, who is known for being the only military commander to have shot down a US stealth fighter. When he led the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, they shot down a USAF-F117  fighter on March 27th 1999.

USAF F-16  f





Therefore in terms of understanding the coming events in the Balkans, which CSS has been well positioned for some time to cover and understand, FRN will once again – as it has with Ukraine and Syria –  be in the vanguard of cutting edge news and analysis of these events, and will be able to dig deeper than standard superficial analysis, the sort that focuses only on very obvious economic or geopolitical factors. Our work through FRN to date has been a success, being the first to expose western audiences to many popular Russian writers, such as Ishchenko, Colonel Cassad, Yura Sumy, Ruslan Ostashko, and Edward Popov, to name just them. In the Ukraine conflict, we explained how the Russian private citizen sector exists as a semi-formalized set of institutions which functioned ultimately as state-substitute actors, mirroring the Western ‘Soros’ model, and setup, for example ‘Voentorg’ and related, making it possible for ‘Russians’ to intervene in the Donbass without the Russian military or state formally doing so, thereby playing by the same rules and precedents which the US itself has established. In Syria, we’ve accurately predicted and explained Syrian strategy, and covered the conflict outside of the bounds of standard eastern ‘state backed’ news agencies such as Sputnik, RT and Press TV.

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