Iran: ‘If a Nation is Not Afraid, it can Defeat Superpowers’


The Iranian supreme leader has just called on the armed forces of the Islamic Republic to ‘scare’ its enemies. Amid rising US pressure on Tehran, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the Iranian military to increase its power to scare the enemy. “Raise your power as much as you can, because your power scares the enemy and drives them back,” Khamenei said Sunday during a graduation ceremony for Iranian cadets.

It is increasingly understood now, within various emerging strands of neo-realism and post-idealism in IR, pioneered by the Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade, that the concept of power in itself can be projected through a hyper-reality simulacrum. This reified concept of power becomes a form of actual power, and is distinct from either soft-power or demonstrative or performative power. The simulacrum within the context of Fourth Generation Warfare, or 4GW, is a critical component of multipolarity in contemporary warfare and diplomacy, including the information war and lawfare.

“Iran and the Iranian nation have resisted the United States and have proved that if a nation is not afraid of threats by brawlers and relies on its own capabilities, it can force the superpowers to retreat and defeat them,” he added. Earlier, the Iranian military revealed that the country plans to increase its ballistic missile and cruise missile capacity as well as acquire new military equipment to strengthen Iran’s security. US relations with Iran deteriorated following Washington’s decision to withdraw in March from the historic nuclear agreement of 2015, as well as re-imposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The unilateral measure was challenged by the other signatories to the agreement, who vowed to try to salvage their commitment. On Friday, Rouhani said it was difficult to expect from Washington “a positive role in regulating the situation in Syria”, noting that the presence of US troops in the Arab country “should end immediately.” “It is evident that the Americans are in Syria illegally and only engage in aggressio .

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The intervention of the United States in Syria has no basis in any rule of international law, its presence aggravates the problem and hinders the establishment of a peace sustainable development in the country,” said Rouhani. In addition, the Iranian president stressed that Tehran will maintain its presence in Syria to “fight against terrorism at the request of the legitimate government of the country.” “And the continuation of our presence in the Syrian Arab Republic will be resolved in the future from the same principle,” said the president.


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